The Duggar family of "19 Kids and Counting" is now "Counting On" another daughter getting married. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are planning to marry in the fall of 2017. In anticipation of the wedding, Joy-Anna is following family tradition and losing weight. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar preach that obesity doesn't please God and weight-loss does. But some fans see an eating disorder in the Duggar bride-to-be.

Joy-Anna weight-loss questioned

The Duggar Family Official Facebook page showed photos from a Christian family conference they attended.

"Counting On" sisters Joy-Anna and Josie Duggar were shown getting Josie ready for Pre-Embassy (the tween girls portion of the Bible camp). It was mentioned that the 19-year-old looked much slimmer (none of the "19 Kids and Counting" are chubby except eldest Josh Duggar and dad Jim Bob Duggar). Joy does have a rounder face than sister Jill Dillard and other siblings.

Duggar brides advised by parents to lose weight

The most recent "Counting On" wedding was that of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger has a fuller face and was counseled to shed some weight. Michelle Duggar encourages wives to lose weight to please their husbands. Being slim makes the Lord happy as God (as per Mrs. Duggar) doesn't approve of being overweight.

Jinger and her hubby-to-be dieted together. Jessa Seewald was exhorted to be thin for husband Ben Seewald.

Duggars preach mixed message

Jana Duggar is a healthy weight but several of the "19 Kids and Counting" seem to have taken their parents' advice too far. Daughter-in-law Anna Duggar seemed to have an eating disorder prior to pregnancy.

Are the girls encouraged to starve themselves to achieve some husband-pleasing body ideal? Granted, not all slender women have anorexia, but neither are all overweight women gluttons. Many health conditions cause weight gain and weight-loss. Some can't lose weight and others can't gain. To categorically criticize overweight women is insensitive and body-shaming.

Fat-shaming, anorexia and Kardashian looks obsession godly?

The Duggar girls kowtow to modern fashions, along with diet. After the austerity of "19 Kids and Counting" the gals in "Counting On" are regular fashionistas. Gone are long dresses and jean skirts. Jinger Vuolo wears pants (verboten in the Duggar female dress code) but other girls are sporting stylish skirts above the knee. Michelle Duggar eschews Kardashian-type obsession with looks and espouses humility and modesty, but she ironically encourages the girls to curl their hair and wear lots of makeup. So obesity, whether it's your fault or not, dishonors God, but micro-managing your weight to keep your man, dolling up, coiffing your hair makes God happy?