Manchester's deadly explosion made headlines on Monday night, leaving the rest of the world in shock. But more than the fear that it caused us, several families are now mourning the death of their loved ones who happened to be in the area when the occurrence took place.

22 died, 59 wounded

The act of terrorism killed 22 civilians and left 59 others injured. Aside from these figures, the Manchester attack has left thousands of people weeping for the loved ones they have just lost. Among the victims was John Atkinson, a 26-year-old citizen who was in the vicinity when the bomb exploded.

Kelly Brewster, on the other hand, did a heroic act before she died. According to reports, the victim, who attended Ariana Grande's concert with her sister and niece, protected her companions from the blast. She was 32 years old. Another victim of the attack was one of the singer's avid fan, Georgina Callander, an 18-year-old Arianator, who came to witness her idol's performance at the Manchester Arena. The police authorities also confirmed the death of a certain Olivia Campbell, a 15-year-old attendee of the "Dangerous Woman" concert tour.

Meanwhile, Martyn Hett, who attended the show to celebrate his trip to America, was also killed by the horrific incident. Alison Howe, on the other hand, fell victim of the terrorist attack when she was about to fetch her daughter after the concert show.

Teenagers Nell Jones and Sorell Leczkowski were also killed by the bomb blast in Manchester. Michelle Kiss suffered the same fate after attending Ariana's show with her daughter. Marcin and Angelika Klis, who were waiting outside the Manchester Arena for their daughter, were also victimized by the deadly attack.

Lisa Lees, 43 years old, was also waiting for the show to finish to pick up her daughter, was among the victims of the tragedy.

The deadly attack also killed an eight-year-old child, named Saffie Rose Roussos, who also attended the "Dangerous Woman" concert with her sister.

Manchester attack suspects

Police authorities have already identified the suspected suicide bomber of the incident. A certain Salman Abedi was named as the primary suspect of the terrorist act, while seven others, including his father and brothers, were arrested for their knowledge and association with the suicide bomber. Despite the identification of these alleged suspects, the British authorities will continue their investigation on the potential "network" of the individuals to Salman.