The famous film producer and writer, Michael De Luca is still wanting to go back to the Oscars despite the issue it had last year about the Best Picture winner. As per him, 89th Oscar’s was just a starting point, and this year they promise to deliver best cinema recognition like no other.

Alongside with Jennifer Todd, they are still set to produce the 90th Oscars. Michael de Luca would pretty much like to bring back Jimmy Kimmell as the show host. He would like to repeat the same experience and commended the host for pulling through the show incredibly last time.

De Luca wants to win

There is no doubt that Michael de Luca is one of the greatest storytellers of all times. De Luca is also a former New Line, Dreamworks, and Sony executive is the mastermind for such movies like “The Social Network,” “Moneyball,” “Captain Phillips” and “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Despite such huge success of the said movies he still declined to be a Paramount executive.

As per his interview, De Luca does not want to be a boss the crosses and manipulates the studio affecting its creativity. He just wants to do his own thing within his playbook.

De Luca does not have any advice to the newly restructured Paramount. He encourages it to be an original one. Some large studios are really set not to be beaten like Disney.

But instead, create a new ground for a new breed of actors with a fresh story or concept. Along the way, once it became successful they can then produce homegrown ambassadors like David Fincher, Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks that will make moviegoers flock into the cinemas.

De Luca has always been open about his thoughts on producing films and series.

He stated that he loves his career very much that he wants to give people the best shows and stories. He stated that he wants to be able to run his story and playbook which is why he chose Paramount.

Set to do miniseries entitled “Hue 1968.”

What is keeping de Luna busy right now is he is busy preparing to produce an 8-1o hour television event titled Hue 1968 since he just recently acquired the rights to it.

It is derived from the book written by Mark Bowden set to be published on June 6. It tells the tale of the bloodiest and longest battle of the Vietnam War. Michael Mann is set to direct the miniseries.

As of this writing, Michael de Luca is yet to respond to the reports that he is aiming to acquire an Oscar award. The release date for his miniseries is yet to be announced. Thus, readers are advised to take this report with a grain of salt.