On May 13, Melissa McCarthy will make her way back to the "Saturday Night Live" stage. Saturday will mark her fifth time serving as host on "SNL." The 46-year-old actress is a fan-favorite, so the all new episode should be a good one. Besides hosting, McCarthy has made numerous cameos on the late-night comedy sketch show.

Fans hoping to see more of Sean Spicer

With only two episodes left of season 42, the "Saturday Night Live" writers are sure to create some pretty hilarious sketches. When McCarthy made some cameos this season as White House press secretary Sean Spicer, people went nuts.

McCarthy was a genius in her impersonations of Spicer, and the sketches brought a tremendous amount of laughter and buzz to the show. It all started in February and the last time that McCarthy appeared on "SNL" as Sean Spicer was on April 15.

The promo for the upcoming episode shows McCarthy in a lovely dress, dancing around the "SNL" studio while singing "I Feel Pretty." As she moves through the studio, McCarthy is transformed into Sean Spicer and then continues her song and dance, this time as the press secretary.

Saturday will be another "Saturday Night Live" episode that is aired live in all time zones. Due to the tremendous amount of success that "SNL" has encountered this season, the producers decided to have four episodes that air live simultaneously all across the country.

Two episodes have already completed this historic endeavor, and the May 13 and May 20 episodes will do so as well.

Music by Haim

The all-girl band Haim will be making their second appearance on "SNL" on May 13. The trio (who are all sisters) are getting ready to release their new album, "Something To Tell You." This will be Haim's second album, and it is set to be released this summer, on July 7.

It has been four years since Haim released a new album. The ladies teased fans with a taste of two songs from the upcoming LP titled "Right Now" and "Want you Back." The first official single from "Something To Tell You" is "Want You Back," so the trio will likely perform that on Saturday. The single is doing quite well on the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 Chart.

The last "SNL" episode of the season will air on May 20 with Dwayne Johnson as the host and Katy Perry as the night's musical guest. Both are veterans of the "Saturday Night Live" stage, with Johnson hosting four times before and Perry performing twice before and hosting once.