Pippa Middleton has finally sealed her lifelong commitment to husband James Matthews with their society wedding in St. Mark's Church, Saturday, May 20. The royal wedding was attended by different high profile personalities. One of the most captivating scenes was the arrival of Prince Harry together with girlfriend Meghan Markle in his Audi car. The prince travelled a 100-mile trip in order to ensure that Markle would make it to the wedding reception.

Prince Harry all smiles during the arrival

The "Suit" actress arrived with Prince Harry in a car. Photographs showed the Prince driving his Audi car while Markle was sitting on the passenger' seat.

The reception was held on the grounds of the Middleton's place which is located about 50 miles from the prince's home.

Basically, the Pippa Middleton wedding marks the first event that Markle has attended together with Prince Harry's family. This fuels the speculation that their relationship has become really serious and the couple is likely to announce their engagement very soon. Meanwhile, even though Markle had traveled a thousand miles, reports claim that the serving staff didn't allow the couple to sit together. Apparently, this was part of the designed seating plan for the wedding which did not allow exceptions for high profile couples.

Markle arrives in maroon backless gown

Markle arrived at the wedding reception in her maroon backless gown while holding Prince Harry's arm.

She looked simply stunning and really has the presence of royalty.

The Express wrote that the bride was the most beautiful though and mentioned that "According to reports, guests continuously remarked throughout the evening that she looked “absolutely beautiful.”

The society wedding was witnessed by elite people including family, closest friends, and famous celebrity faces.

Pippa Middleton also made sure that her waiting staff looked glamorous. In earlier reports from the Express, it was revealed that Middleton hired models to serve the foods and drinks to the guests. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, also played a vital role during the wedding of her sister.

Dressed in a peach dress by Alexander McQueen and a hat by Jane Taylor, Kate Middleton acted as a much-needed escort to her sister Pippa.

She made sure that her younger sister looked her best. She rearranged the train and the other parts of the wedding gown although her nanny was also present during the event.

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