"Vanderpump Rules" star james kennedy is proud of the music he's making with his former co-star, Lala Kent. The two have tried to make music together before, and he's clearly very proud of the music he's able to create and produce. Lisa Vanderpump even gave him the opportunity to make a CD based on the jams he would play at PUMP, and he was very thankful for his opportunity. Even though Kennedy's music career on "Vanderpump Rules" is rather limited, he has found a nickname for himself that he feels is very accurate.

On Twitter, James has been calling himself the White Kanye West. While he is a fan of Kanye and his music, many feel that he's just using the nickname to compare himself to the biggest rapper in the world and ride his coattails.

So when Andy Cohen from "Watch What Happens Live" had Kim Kardashian on the show this past weekend, he wanted to know what she thought about James using her husband's name to promote himself.

Is Kim Kardashian angry with Kennedy?

While one can imagine that Kardashian has no idea who James is, she didn't seem to mind that he was using her to promote himself and his music.

"I think it's cool," Kim told Andy after he explained to her what Kennedy had been doing.

While Kardashian thought it was cool that her husband could inspire someone like James Kennedy, Kanye himself may not like the idea that someone is using his name to promote his own music. But it doesn't exactly sound like he's threatened by James at all.

James sees himself in West

There's a good reason why James Kennedy chose this particular nickname for himself.

As it turns out, James is a huge fan of Kanye, and he appreciates his music very much. It is also a confidence thing for James.

"I've been a Kanye West fan since the day I first heard his music, I've understood his music and more so have appreciated his production as a music producer from the samples he uses to the bass sounds for melody," Kenney has previously explained to The Daily Dish about using another artist's name to promote himself.

He also points out that West has never doubted himself and points to his earlier interviews, where Kanye was often talking about himself and how he knew his work would become a hit. While Kim may be able to appreciate this angle, surely she wouldn't want James using Kanye's name on an album.

What do you think of James Kennedy using Kanye West's name to promote himself?

Are you surprised that Kim Kardashian thinks it's cool that he's inspired by her husband and using his name?

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