Kylie Jenner attracts attention for whatever she does. Being an omnipresent artist in various social media outlets, the star of a reality TV series, and a businesswoman all at the same time will surely capture interest. However, recently, a self-confessed murderer admitted to being her ardent stalker.

The stalker’s chronicle

Kylie Jenner was not aware that she was being stalked by Marvin Magallanes. The stalker confessed to killing a homeless man just recently. Police officers also revealed that Magallanes was linked to forensic evidence pointing to him being responsible for the murder of another homeless man in October 2016.

The self-confessed murderer tried to make contact with the lip kit mogul on several occasions but was unsuccessful. According to the report, he showed up at The Oaks where Kylie, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian reside.

The stalker insisted that he was there because he had a pre-arranged meeting with Kylie. However, he was met with refusal. This allegedly angered him and he crashed his car into the gate and sped away. A couple of weeks after the incident, he came back and did the same thing. He got busted by the police when his license plate was tracked and he was charged with two counts of vandalism. Magallanes escaped from a psych ward last June. Kylie Jenner has not commented on the stalker.

Keeping up with the life of a celebrity

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is busy shooting her new reality show, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” spin-off that will focus on Kylie, her friends, and their activities.

The spin-off also aims to provide fans with an inside look at how she handles the ups and downs of her relationship with her former boyfriend, Tyga. Some footage was released by the media showing Kylie while filming “The Life of Kylie” in West Hollywood. The reality show star was seen wearing a Puma black sports bra and shorts, and a pair of Yeezys, accented by dark glasses.

The show’s preview discussed the things that a lot of people do not know about the star, including her fans. Even if she grew up in front of the cameras, it does not mean that all the people that have been watching her know everything about her. Kylie Jenner stated that too many people have misconceptions about her. At the age of nine, the makeup mogul started filming for their reality show.

She admitted that she cannot always live a plush lifestyle, and that potential retirement is just around the corner.

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