Jennifer Lawrence seen leaving her boyfriend's Darren Aronofsky's home days after a video of her went viral. Lawrence said no one wants ever to be reminded of dancing provocatively, especially in a drunken stupor. However, the Oscar winner said she was only having fun at a friend's birthday party and cares nothing about the video being leaked onto the internet. Everybody has fun she argues so if she drops her paranoia guard just for a few seconds to let her hair down why should it really matter.

Viral video shows Lawrence dancing on stripper's pole

The actress declared that she is not about to apologize to anyone. She said she had fun at the party, in fact, according to her, she had a blast that night. She added that what is presumably a bra was her Alexander Wang top that she had taken off. Lawrence said she is not going to lie or try to cover up what happened. She later added that she thinks her dancing skills are pretty good, although it is not her core strength.

Lawrence, in fact, owned up to the video that showed her dancing on a stripper pole. After the video leaked on the internet, she issued a statement saying that it is not fake and she has nothing to be sorry about. Refusing to apologize, the actress said it is one of the most enjoyable time she had while she was at the Strip Club in Vienna, Austria.

No regrets dancing provocatively at stripper's club

Additionally, the very private actress had definitely dropped her guard as seen in the viral video that is making its rounds on the internet. Radar Online published the leaked video of the 26-year-old in the Beverly Hills Club on Wednesday. The footage of the showed the date of April 27, the same day Jennifer Lopez was also in Vienna filming her new movie Red Sparrow.

A source claims the actress was so intoxicated that at some point she even lost her blouse and left the event wearing just her bra. Lawrence had discredited that report on her Facebook page but reiterated she had a blast at the Austrian nightclub. In 2014, along with several other celebrities, her private photos were hacked and leaked onto the internet.

She referred to the photo leak as "sex crime" and declared it was disgusting for someone to find pleasure in such despicable act.

In a November 2014 issue of Vanity Fair, Lawrence said she is a public figure, which doesn't mean her body comes with the territory. However, with the current leak, she said, although the person behind the leaked video is disgusting she is not about to issue an apology for her actions.