Jenelle Evans from “Teen Mom 2” may just have had a baby girl with her boyfriend David Eason in January, but she hasn’t forgotten her first-born son. Much of her time and energy has been on Jace lately, as her court date was this week. During the years of filming “Teen Mom 2”, Jenelle decided that she couldn't take care of her son Jace and she signed over the legal rights to her mother Barbara.

The agreement was that Barbara would be the legal guardian of Jace, because she was able to get health care through her work. In addition, Barbara was clearly more mature when it came to being a mother and she decided to help out her daughter.

Barbara was supposed to sign over the rights to Jenelle once she got a job and was able to care for her son, but she hasn't been able to hold up her end of the bargain. Instead, she's been keeping Jenelle’s son from her for the past couple of years.

Since Barbara hasn't been able to keep up her end of the bargain, Jenelle decided to seek legal help. Over the past couple of years, she's been waiting for her court date to see when she could get her son back. And yesterday, they finally went to court to see if Evans was finally fit enough to get custody of her son Jace.

'Teen Mom' star still had a win in court

Barbara’s lawyers argued against Jenelle, using every single arrest she's had since she was a teenager - and sadly for her, the list is rather long.

Her mistakes include stealing a credit card from her mother, doing drugs, avoiding rehab for a long time, and bailing on her son. But the judge did want to give Jenelle a chance to prove that she is capable of spending time with her son and building a solid relationship.

Even though Jenelle didn't win full custody back of her son Jace, she did still gain a little win in court.

The judge decided that Barbara can no longer withhold Jace from her as she had been doing for the past couple of months, using him as a pawn to get what she wanted from her. Jenelle Evans has been very open about how Barbara is using Jace as a pawn, so she can continue to get a paycheck from MTV. But it sounds like these days are now over.

Jenelle is now able to see her son and the judge ruled the Barbara has to make an effort when it comes to scheduling time with Jace.

This new custody agreement is actually more of a split custody agreement which means that Jenelle will get much more time with her son.

Has Barbara's behavior ruined her family?

Even though Barbara may have been wanting to keep the peace in the family by keeping Jace her care and trying to protect him from her own daughter, it seems like her decision to be stubborn and not working with Evans may have made things worse. Evans has said that when she gets full custody of Jace, she will not allow him to see his grandmother at all.

Of course, this is crushing for Barbara, who has been the primary caregiver since his birth. Plus, Barbara is probably upset that she’ll be losing her MTV paycheck. Barbara is currently employed at Walmart so one can imagine that she's loving the MTV paychecks coming her way, which is rumored to be thousands of dollars each season.

What do you think about this new custody agreement for Jace? Do you think this will finally allow Jenelle Evans to spend more time with her son?

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