Steve Harvey's ex-wife showed everyone the price to pay whenever someone messes with her. Earlier reports revealed that she filed a new case against Harvey for damaging her soul and her claim will shock you - $60 million! While the divorce of the ex-couple was already finalized in 2005, Mary Harvey pointed out that she is still experiencing the repercussions of their battle. As she said in documents last Wednesday, she has been suicidal and taking self-medication just to cope up with their awful breakup.

Harvey's ex-wife on her post-divorce life

While Mary Lee Harvey was quite wordy in filing the case, her major point is that she is physically and emotionally destroyed.

This is after losing her business and most particularly, her son's death. Mother's Day recently passed and she also expressed her frustrations at not celebrating it. She describes it as, "All was lost Mary L. Harvey was dead."

Moreover, she's filing a case against the prominent comedian-host for breach of contract, conspiracy against rights, child endangerment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, kidnapping, murder, and torture. However, the documents were noticeably filed not by a lawyer but a woman who calls herself as Mary's 'Civil Rights Activist.'

Is Steve Harvey a fraud?

In April, Harvey's ex-wife shared a series of YouTube videos telling everyone that she has never been able to receive her divorce settlement since the ex-couple parted ways.

This is despite the judge's final say to divide community assets. Unfortunately, it seems like it did not happen and the worst part is, she wanted her ex-husband behind bars. Their marriage lasted for over nine years.

Harvey has already been into three relationships. Prior to Mary, he had his first marriage with Samantha Del Carpio.

Their marriage bore a son and twin daughters. After his divorce from Shackelford, the 60-year-old TV personality married Marjorie Harvey. He further explained that she played a major part in changing his life and making him a better person.

While the current pair has no kids, Steve Harvey raised Marjorie's three children as if they were his own.

Furthermore, a District Court Judge named Robert Dry from Collin County, Texas once shared his concern about Shackelford who is spreading false details due to being materially destitute. People will soon find out if having a civil rights activist as a representative can work out.