Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" peeps. Yep, it's true. We've got some heavy confrontation action between Sonny and Paul and more to look forward to this week for May 29 to June 2, 2017 episodes. Actually, this week's action won't start until Tuesday, May 30th because NBC is going to cover the big "French Open" grand slam tennis championships on Monday, so be sure to make note of that very important information. This week, we'll also be seeing Steve do some heavy investigating to track down a vicious threat! Eric and Nicole will show back up in town and more. These spoiler scoops come from NBC by way of Soaps.com

Nicole and Eric are back

Again, Monday is a no-go this week due to the tennis tournament coverage so we will begin this week's scoops with the Tuesday May 30, 2017 episode.

In it, we're going to see the Nicole and Eric storyline play out. They're telling us that these two will be in disguise when they arrive back in Salem at some point. Why will they be returning to Salem? Why will they be disguised? Those are the big questions for this particular storyline. They didn't give out any other details so we're just going to have to tune in to see what all this is about. It should definitely give us some intriguing scenes to look forward to.

JJ and Lani

Next up, we've got a spoiler scoop for Wednesday's May 31, 2017 episode. It involves the storyline about Steve. This is when he's going to start up his big investigation to look into a new threat that has shown up on the scene. Apparently, this threat is trying to go after his sister, so this investigation will be of extreme importance to him.

Will Steve find this culprit before whoever it is gets to his sister? Or will he or she continue to elude him? Hopefully, we'll see some answers to these questions before this week is over. This plot line certainly sounds like it could give us quite a bit of drama.

Alright, for the Thursday June 1, 2017 episode, NBC gave us a whopping three storylines to work with.

First up is JJ and Lani. These two will be busy having a nice little picnic on the island. However, it sounds like things will get a bit uneasy when they find something that they describe as "unsettling." What could this unsettling thing be? That's the question that quickly comes to my mind. It should be interesting.

His many lies

Next, we're going to see a scene with Chad, and it certainly won't be a good moment for him as they tell us that he's going to get caught in one of his many lies!

Uh oh! How will he react to getting caught? Which lies will he get called out on? Those are the burning questions for this situation.

Lastly, we'll be seeing Nicole in a scene, and we don't know if this will be a good situation for her or a bad one. However, we do know it'll be very interesting, as they let us know that she's going to be very busy getting taken into police custody! Is this for her protection? Or is she getting arrested? We'll see what happens with that when it finally airs.

Titan obsession

And lastly, we have arrived at the end of the week with Friday's June 2, 2017 episode. They only gave us one scoop for this particular day. It's going to involve the heated situation between Sonny and Paul. It turns out that these two are going to get into some sort of huge freaking argument over Sonny's obsession with Titan!

Will they be able to work this out? Or will things just totally spiral out of control? We're going to have to wait it out to see what happens. Stay tuned.

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