It is official "Happy Days" star Erin Moran did not die from a drug overdose, but from cancer just as her family had revealed. TMZ reported that the official and final autopsy reports from the Harrison County Coroner states that Erin Moran died from complications of stage 4 cancer and that "no illegal narcotics were involved."

The truth revealed about Erin Moran's death.

As previously reported, Happy Days" actress Erin Moran best known as little Joanie Cunningham on the popular comedy sitcom "Happy Days" was found dead at the age of 56 in Harrison County Indiana on April 22, 2017.

Many people jumped to the wrong conclusion upon hearing of Erin Moran's sudden death.

Erin's death shocked many and caused a lot of grief for her family, friends, fans, and "Happy Days" co-stars.

Especially Scott Baio. Scott jumped to the same conclusions upon hearing of Moran's death as millions of others...that drugs were likely involved. Despite Scott Baio's public apology he was targeted by many people filled with hate.

While Scott admitted, he had wrongly spoken out on Erin Moran's death without full knowledge of the situation he born the brunt of the verbal online bashings that were sent to him and his family. Some of the cruel and hate spewed remarks were directed at his small daughter. We have to believe that actress, the sweet soul that she was described as would not have approved of the attack on Scott Baio, her friend, and former boyfriend and co-star.

Many believe that Erin would have forgiven not only Scott Baio for his quick and wrong misjudgment but everyone who did the same.The world is such a hard and complicated place these days we all need to remember to be as happy, loving and forgiving as possible.

Isn't that how Erin really would have wanted things?

Over the years Erin Moran struggled, she struggled with finances, her career, depression, and with drug and alcohol abuse issues. These facts were made very public by the media on more than one occasion, so it is why the first thoughts coming into the minds of the public was, drug and alcohol related death.

However, many first conclusions often end up wrong, as this one did. Erin's husband Steve Fleischmann wrote an open letter. He shared intimate details of Erin's final moments and how she died peacefully, in her sleep while holding the hand of the man that she had married, loved and spent the last 25-years with.

It is a sad time for all who knew and loved Moran, and for fans who also miss her and sadly jumped to the wrong conclusions about the star.

Hopefully, since the truth has come out not just from her family and friends, but officially from the autopsy report, Erin may finally rest in peace.

Let us choose to remember Erin Moran for all the smiles, and entertainment she brought us, and believe she is now spending many "Happy Days" in a better cancer free place.

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