"Game of Thrones" will conclude after eight episodes, and season 7 is yet to premiere in two months. The show is extremely popular, and its ratings just keep on increasing every season. It's not surprising that a lot of fans are now dreading the ending of the show, but the author of the novel where the series is based, George R. R. Martin, recently assured fans that HBO is already working on possible replacements.

Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice" is the basis of the hit fantasy drama series, and on Sunday, Martin took to his blog to update fans about what's going to happen when "Game of Thrones" ends.

He said that he does not like the idea of a spin-off, and he also debunked two fan theories about what the prequel series could be. Martin said that another writer is actually working on a fifth possible off-shoot.

HBO announced that there are ideas being worked on by different writers

Earlier this month, HBO said that four writers are working on ideas for the successor show of "Game of Thrones", and Martin is connected to two of these writers. The four writers are Brian Helgeland, Jane Goldman, Carly Wrayand, Max Borenstein. According to Martin, they had four scripts in development, but by the time he left L.A, there were already five.

The author clarified that he is involved in all four, and many expect for him to be also involved in the fifth script.

Martin said that he has been communicating closely with all five, however, HBO did not immediately respond to share the fifth writer's name.

Robert's rebellion will not happen

The "A Song of Fire and Ice" author reiterated that the new shows are "successor shows," and not spin-offs. He also said that he is positive that all five ideas will move forward, but these may not happen immediately.

Martin said that the number of pilots that will be filmed and the number of series that may come out of these projects remains to be seen.

Many fans hoped that HBO will have a prequel which will show Robert's rebellion, which will mean bringing back Ned Stark, but Martin denied this. He said that although thousands of people want this, and that there is even a petition, but by the time that he has finished writing "A Song of Ice & Fire," people will already know the important thing that happened in Robert's rebellion. Martin said that this is not I story that he would want to tell just now because it would feel like a twice-told tale. Meanwhile, "Game of Thrones" season 7 is set to premiere on July 16.