This week's continuation of “General Hospital” will be pretty intense as a supposed-to-be-fun event is set to turn out very dangerous. The 2017 Nurses’ Ball will be a big threat for the residents of Port Charles as Jake (Hudson West) is about to bring forth a great dilemma.

The victim of the toxin

Jake is continuously bothered by his past and the secret he has been keeping will lead him to do improbable things. As his Chimera canister arrived, its mysterious content is believed to be about to bring great death to the city. The container is said to have a dangerous toxin that he will be releasing at the Nurse’s Ball.

Evidently, this pollutant that will even affect the innocent kids in town. In fact, one of them is said to be Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). The poor child might be left fighting for her life that will definitely create a big drama in “General Hospital.”

Lulu, Dante to be united for Charlotte

Now that Lulu (Emme Rylan) is doing everything to be with Charlotte, she is making sure to visit her once again to make their bond grows stronger. Dante (Dom Zamprogna) and Rocco (O’Neill Monahan), on the other hand, are also doing their best to create a connection with the little girl.

Just as they feel like they are about to build a strong family bond, a tragedy is about to happen to Charlotte. Dante and Lulu are going to have each other as they face this difficult situation involving their child.

Instead of a family court, they now fear that the kid's life might be taken away because of Jake.

Can Valentin cure Charlotte?

With all that has been happening, it is now a big question as to whether Charlotte will really die in “General Hospital.” If the girl passes away, it is expected that Lulu and Dante will stand united and stay by her side. Of course, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Nina (Michelle Stafford) are also worrying about the life of the poor child.

But as Valentin is the one who sold the Chimera project to Helena (Constance Towers), there might be a big chance that he knows the antidote to this deadly toxin. To recall, in the Cassadine Island flashback, Helena knew that she had another option if Jason (Billy Miller) failed to do his duties and this with the help of Jake.

Avid fans of the long-running television series are hoping that Charlotte will soon be fine and survive the tragic event.

If she ever did make it, her near-death experience would still leave a big impact on the people around her. “General Hospital” airs every weekday on ABC.

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