Third time's the charm for twice-unwed mother and abstinence advocate Bristol Palin. The daughter of Sarah Palin welcomed a third child, this time with her husband Dakota Meyer. Palin-Meyer showed off baby Atlee Bay and some pretty impressive postpartum weight loss on Instagram. The baby joins Sailor Grace (born under some dubious circumstances) and Tripp Johnston-Palin of son of teenage Bristol and Levi Johnston.

Bristol Palin bears first child in wedlock

Folks went nuts when Bristol Palin, daughter of rabid conservative Republican Sarah Palin got pregnant without benefit of a husband.

Palin, the 2008 vice-presidential nominee vociferously bashed then-President Barack Obama on his "immorality." Bristol's voice of morality was equally loud against LGBT, anti-abortion, premarital sex and gay marriage. Many found a lot of schadenfreude when the Palin family had an unwed pregnant teen daughter. Bristol went on to be a highly paid speaker for abstinence and morals. She criticized Barack and Michelle Obama on how they raised their daughters. Then she got pregnant again while her relationship with Dakota Meyer was on hold.

Bristol Palin 'embraces the hyphen'

Palin attacked "liberals" who called her a hypocrite, calling them "a--holes." The self-proclaimed good Christian girl isn't above drunken rants, fist fights and cursing.

But she is quick to fault others' behavior. When she announced the pregnancy, she said it was planned but wouldn't name Sailor Grace's baby daddy. Folks thought it might be Dakota but weren't sure as the two were on hiatus. Meyer wouldn't claim the baby till grandma Sarah Palin chewed him out and called him a coward. Then the couple admitted their fornication.

Now the teen mom is all about #embracethehyphen meaning, it would seem, "blended" families. So hookups that were sinful according to Bristol are now cool because she's had a few?

Bristol Palin rocks weight loss

A lot can be written about the Palin family and hypocrisy. But one thing's got to be said for the Tea Party creator's daughter--she's looks great.

Bristol seemed not to have inherited her mother's genetics and was always plagued by weight gain. Having two babies didn't help and she was heading toward obesity. But the conservative blogger seems to have found her weight loss mojo with the third baby. Even immediately postpartum, the 27-year-old looks more slender all over and her face is much thinner. Did she heed Michelle Duggar's advice to please God and your husband with diet? The mom of "19 Kids and Counting" counsels her daughters to lose weight before marriage. Joy-Anna Duggar looks so thin before her marriage to Austin Forsyth that fans were worried about anorexia.