Reality television sweethearts Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth went on a camping trip before their wedding. They had a shared bachelor and bachelorette party sleepover. And everyone's okay with this? What happened to the famous no-contact courtship rules of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar? The couple must be "Counting On" a more relaxed courtship like Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo practiced. Because it looks like they just busted the "19 Kids and Counting" pre-nup protocol 19 ways.

Joy-Anna's bachelor party with boyfriend

First of all, it's weird to hear the ultra-fundamentalist Christian Duggars talking bachelor parties.

Engaging in so worldly an activity is a tad hypocritical given they preach unworldliness. Granted Joy-Anna's wasn't your typical stripper-sex game-drinking bachelorette party. But a sleepover bachelor party with boyfriend could be considered even more sinful.

What's wrong with the "19 Kids and Counting" star and her beau going camping? Nothing except that the Duggar family preaches against it. The parents of "Counting On" keep couples apart during courtship to avert premarital sex and unplanned pregnancy. An outdoor slumber party, even chaperoned, would seem to foster rather than prevent these.

Joy-Anna and Jinger Duggar rewrite courtship rules?

Recently married daughter Jinger Duggar and her new husband Jeremy Vuolo didn't keep hands-off quite so rigorously as Josh and Anna Duggar, Derick and Jill Dillard, and Ben and Jessa Seewald.

All three couples were married on the family's first TLC show "19 Kids and Counting." Jinger and her beau snugged next to each other and hugged (and not just the famous side hug).

Is Joy-Anna's bachelorette party ushering in a courtship 2.0 in the "Counting On" reality TV family? How do Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar feel about the loosening of their rules?

Duggars give mixed messages

Joy-Anna's bachelor party, like the pedophilia and sex scandal surrounding eldest son and morality advocate Josh Duggar, seems to be a slippery slope. The "Counting On" parents write their own rules a lot. Girls can't wear pants but are encouraged to style their hair and makeup to the max. Michelle went on "Say Yes to the Dress" because dolling up pleases God and husbands.

So does weight loss whereas obesity or being just slightly overweight (regardless of reason) does not. Even being just right isn't good enough. Before her wedding, Joy-Anna, who wasn't overweight, lost weight on her parents' diet advice.

"Counting On" family speaks ex cathedra?

Fans have wondered if Joyanna has a little anorexia going on. But the "Counting On" mom approves because men like their women thin. This would seem to indicate that the women of "19 Kids and Counting" please husbands above God. Fat-shaming, adorning the body, false modesty, hypocritical courtship, subservience to lustful men. Are these Bible injunctions or chapters from the Gospel according to Jim Bob Duggar?