After having confirmed that the sequel to 2014's military science fiction film, "Edge of Tomorrow," was already in the works, the film's director has now confirmed new information regarding the upcoming sequel. In an interview with director Doug Liman, the cast members and the official title of the movie was announced.

Hyping up the sequel

During an interview with Collider, Liman revealed that Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt were indeed going to be reprising their roles in the next movie as William Cage and Rita Vrataski, respectively. Cruise apparently had a very good idea for a sequel, and after having read it, Liman thought that it was "amazing" and "incredible." Liman assured fans that the project is already a go and it is not a question of if they would do it, but when.

Official title

Liman also revealed the official title for the sequel, which will be called "Live Die Repeat and Repeat." For those who are unfamiliar with the film's original source, the first film was based on a novel written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka titled "All You Need is Kill."

The producers chose not to use the novel's title due to the negative connotation of the word "kill." Despite its new title, the film was known throughout territories outside the United States by its tagline, which was "Live. Die. Repeat." The producers likely wanted to capitalize on that, hence the decision for sequel's title.

Success outside the box office

The 2014 film received generally positive review from critics, but it did not really manage to generate the expected amount in terms of gross sales in North America.

However, the film did generate a cult following in other territories, which helped it rake in over $370 million in gross box office sales worldwide.

In a separate interview, Liman promised fans an entirely different story this time around and even teased fans that the movie was going to "revolutionize how people make sequels." He explained that "Live Die Repeat and Repeat" was essentially going to be a "sequel that's a prequel."

Possible plot details

While this may be confusing for most fans, some have speculated that the upcoming movie may once again be a time-travelling mind bender that may see the return of the Mimics, who may have found a way to revert time once again to prevent their demise. The previous movie, of course, ended with the apparent death of the Omega, which means that Cruise's character was able to end the war before it even started.