Without any doubt, episode 90 is one of the best the series has had, since we’ve finally seen the return of Gohan’s mystic state against Goku. This brought to our minds old memories of “Dragon Ball Z” since it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Gohan fighting and taking his training seriously. Of course, with the Tournament of Power on the way, now is as good a time as any to sharpen one's skills in preparation for the greatest tournament the series has ever seen.

Official Title of Episode 91:

“Which will be the winner? The strongest warriors get together!”

Release Date: May 21st, 2017 (Japan)

Official Synopsis: Goku has managed to gather the 10 strongest warriors from Universe 7, while the others are still in search of contenders for the tournament.

In the meantime, in Universe 6, Hit and Frost fight against each other…

This is the official synopsis Toei Animation has shared with us. As we were able to see in the preview of episode 91, the most important subject is the battle between Hit and Frost. What is missing in this synopsis is the fact that Majin Buu will oversleep, so we conclude that this will happen in episode 92.

Hit and Frost

Back to Hit and Frost’s battle, we believe that it is nothing to worry about, mainly because we know who will win, and because the Tournament of Power is almost upon us and there is no time to waste in terms of filler episodes. In fact, we believe that this is more like Hit recruiting Frost, or maybe both of them training to become stronger.

As far as we’ve been able to see, their battle takes place in an area surrounded by people, so we also have to consider the fact that Frost may be stealing the planet just as Hit arrives, leading to the confrontation between them.

Champa told Hit to prepare himself for the tournament, and also requested that he recruit Frost and train a bit with him to make him stronger.

Hit will follow Champa’s orders but will get attacked on sight by Frost, since he may believe that the legendary assassin has been sent there to kill him. This could be one reason why we see Hit dodging an attack.