Brandon Marshall, the former receiver for the New York Jets, might stand a chance at becoming good buddies with Super Bowl XLIX Champions, the New England Patriots. Marshall was recently released from the Jets and is now looking to move to a winning team. He has the potential to be courted by several teams, of them, the New England Patriots and potentially the Baltimore Ravens have shown interest.

Football, a trophy and a ring

Ever since January 1967, the National Football League teams have been vying for the chance to win the Super Bowl. Originally called the AFL-NFL Championship Game, the Super Bowl has proven to be the premier event for football fans.

The first two teams to compete were the Greenbay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, with the Packers taking home the trophy.

The winning team is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy for their efforts and the players get a few perks. Vince Lombardi was the esteemed head coach for the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s, as well as an executive in the National Football League. There is only one Vince Lombardi Trophy, although it is awarded to the winning team, the team management retains ownership of it. Each team member is awarded a prized Championship Ring. The ring is made of yellow or white gold, diamonds and it has the winning year’s Super Bowl numbers inscribed in Roman numerals. Being on last year’s Super Bowl winning team would give Brandon Marshall a shot at winning a Championship Ring this coming season if he plays for the New England Patriots.

Football and ‘Inside the NFL’

Brandon Marshall’s job, other than that of a professional football player, is a panelist for Showtime’s popular football show, “Inside the NFL.” The show, airing from 1977 until 2008 on cable television network HBO, was picked up by Showtime and continues to broadcast a weekly update of the goings on in the National Football League.

The program airs from the beginning of the regular season until the week after the Super Bowl, where panelists summarize the happenings of the past year, as well as player performance in the Super Bowl.

Marshall is currently the only panelist who is an active player in the National Football League. Other panelists, including Michael Irving, James Brown, Adam Shein, Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason are either retired professional football players or sports newscasters.

The fact that Brandon Marshall is the only currently active football player on the panel gives a player’s perspective to the sport’s show. But it’s not known how prospective teams would feel about Brandon Marshall continuing on the show.