"Days Of Our Lives" fans know that Valerie Grant's (Vanessa Williams) son is the biological child of David. Unfortunately, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) just found out that David is dead. What she doesn't know yet is that she has a biracial grandchild, Eli Grant (Lamon Archey.) How will the Horton family react to the news that Eli is their relative?

Valerie's secret on 'Days Of Our Lives'

When Valerie Grant first came to Salem, Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis) knew she was hiding something. However, he thought it was a boyfriend. It turns out that the man she would call on the phone was her son, Eli.

Abe Carver (James Reynolds) was aware Valerie had a child but was told a different story about the identity of the father.

Eli knew David was his father

Eli Grant recently arrived in Salem. It turns out that he knew that David was his biological father. When talking to his mother about her secret, Eli was understandably angry. She tried to explain but really didn't have an excuse. Now, she is afraid her only child will never forgive her.

Valerie forced to tell Julie the truth

"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers tease that Eli will force Valerie to tell Julie the truth. She doesn't want to, but it is either she confesses, or Eli will spill the beans. This week, expect Julie to find out that Eli is her grandson.

She slaps Valerie and then will wrap Eli into her arms.

What will happen with Julie, Valerie, and Eli?

According to the latest "DOOL" spoilers from "Soap Opera Digest" magazine, the Horton family will welcome Eli into the family. Even though his identity was kept a secret, he is family. He is afraid of being rejected, but that isn't going to happen.

Now, Eli is one of the Hortons, and hopefully, Julie will find it in her heart to forgive Valerie.

What do you think of the storyline with "Y&R" alum Archy Lamon? Are you excited he has found a new soap opera home at "Days Of Our Lives?" Are you excited to know what will happen with Valerie and Eli Grant? What do you predict will occur with Julie?