Parents are inspired by the strangest things when it comes to selecting a name for their unborn baby. It’s not all that uncommon for a parent to fall so madly in love with a celebrity that they decide to name their baby after him or her. In a bizarre twist, Caitlyn Jenner appears to be having the opposite effect on people. In fact, it appears as if Jenner is causing Caitlyn and all names remotely close to the name Caitlyn to plummet in popularity.

Caitlyn Jenner finally achieves something

Jenner is one celebrity most people don’t really care for. In fact, media outlets and tabloids tend to poke fun at her lack of accomplishments.

It, however, appears as if she’d finally accomplished something. The problem? This accomplishment may not be something she’s too proud of.

The names Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelynn, and Kaitlynn have all been exceptionally popular girl names since as long as anyone can remember. In the last two years, however, this popularity of these four variations of Caitlyn have plummeted. Is it a coincidence the popularity of these four names started to drop after Jenner officially changed her name to Caitlyn? Probably not. In fact, it was just this week that the Social Security Administration made an official announcement regarding the decline in popularity of these four baby girl names.

The popularity continues to decline

Initially, it appears as if Jenner’s name changed had a rough impact on the two C versions of Caitlyn.

In 2015, the names dropped to somewhere near the 600th slot on the list of 1,000 most popular names for babies. By the time 2016 rolled around, it appeared as if Jenner had made it to where very few people liked the name at all. Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelynn, and Kaitlynn had all been bumped off of the 1,000 most popular baby name’s list completely.

There are more than 100 variations of the name

It is worth noting there are more than 100 variations of the name Caitlyn including Qeightlïnn, Caytlan, and Kayetlinne. The real question is whether or not the hatred of Caitlyn Jenner is strong enough to make people avoid all variations of the name or will they just try to go with something like Kayetlinne to make sure there is no resemblance to Jenner at all.

Some believe the decline in popularity is because so many people are uncomfortable with the fact that Jenner is transgender. Others believe it is nothing more than the fact that Jenner has a way of rubbing people the wrong way. Either way, the statistics don’t lie. Around the time Jenner decided her new name would be Caitlyn – people stopped wanting to use that name for their baby girls.

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