After the New York Times broke the story that Donald Trump smeared former FBI Director James Comey as a "Nut Job" while speaking to the Russians, social media quickly started to trend. Unfortunately for the president, his name was taken to task in a series of viral tweets.

Trump on Twitter

It's no secret that Donald Trump is struggling to improve his popularity and standing with the American people. Since being sworn into office four months ago, the former host of "The Apprentice" has watched his approval rating plummet, sinking below 40 percent in the most recent round of polling.

While there are contributing factors that have led to his drop in popularity, the ongoing Russian scandal appears to have done the most damage. Over the last two weeks, new information regarding the controversy surrounding Russia has increased, putting further pressure on the commander in chief to defend himself. Last week, the Washington Post reported that Trump shared "highly classified" information with officials from Russia during a meeting at the White House. In a follow-up report on Friday, the New York Times doubled down on the story, by reporting that Trump bad mouthed James Comey to the Russians, labeling him "crazy" and a "nut job." In response to the news on May 19, the term started to trend on Twitter as social media users were not kind to the president.

"He was crazy," Donald Trump told the Russians about James Comey, also calling the former director of the FBI "a real nut job." Trump appeared pleased that he was able to rid his administration of Comey who was leading the investigation into Russian election interference, while also informing the Kremlin that he was not under an investigation himself.

Twitter reacts

Responding to the news that Donald Trump smeared James Comey, backlash on Twitter came so quick that the term became the top trend on the social media platform. "'Nut job'? How about giving up classified intel and admitting obstruction of justice all in one conversation with the Russians?" Richard W.

Painter tweeted out.

"Crazy news conf., more crazy tweets, calls Comey 'a nut job.' There is a Cure For Trump called 'The 25th Amendment,'" Keith Olbermann wrote on Twitter. "Wondering if 'nut job' means something different in Russia," actor Tom Cavanagh tweeted out.

"Trump calling Comey a 'nutjob' is like me calling someone 'a big Asian homo.' It'd be the wok calling the kettle black," George Takei wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Takei added, "Cue Russian translators furiously looking up 'nut job' to see if it has anything to do with those kompromat tapes." The negative response on social media continued as Donald Trump and his new term became a top global trend on Twitter.