According to some recent reports from Soap Opera Digest and Soapcentral, The "General Hospital" crew is going to be bringing back the Damian Spinelli character at some point in the not-to-distant future. Actor Bradford Anderson will be returning to reprise the role after getting replaced back in some January storylines. Apparently, he wasn't available to play the role back then because he was busy working a big gig on Showtime's hit drama: "Homeland."

Blake Berris

Actor Blake Berris came on to replace him back in late 2016 due to the scheduling conflict at the very last minute and participated in a few storylines that revolved around characters: Maxie and Nathan.

Apparently, they had a huge wedding that was going on at the time. It's reported that Blake did a good job with the role but not good enough to permanently replace good ole Bradford.

Fans in their comments section, definitely expressed how happy they were to hear that Bradford is coming back. At this time, there are no details as to when we are expected to see his big return to the soap opera series. Right now, we just have these reports that tell us he's coming back and nothing more. They also don't mention what storylines he'll be involved in so all of that important information will have to remain a secret for now. Hopefully, we'll see something turn up very soon.

Roger Howarth confirmed to return

In related news, we're hearing that Franco actor, Roger Howarth, recently got his contract woes settled with the show and is confirmed to be staying on to portray the role. However, this wasn't the case for a period. There are reports that claimed he and the show were having some tough times with their negotiations.

This speculation caused reports to surface that claimed we might not be seeing the actor return but that's all over now, and fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Head writer made a statement

The head writer for "General Hospital," Jean Passanante, made a statement about the situation on her official Twitter page. She assured fans that they don't need to worry about Howarth leaving and that she couldn't be happier that he's sticking around.

Roger started playing the Franco character way back in 2013, so he's been playing the role for quite a while. Before he landed the Franco gig, he was portraying the Todd Manning character on the now-defunct "One Life To Live" soap opera. Roger decided to jump over to the "General Hospital" bandwagon after ABC and Prospect Park had a big lawsuit over the "One Life To Live" characters.

Past contract problems

It's also reported that this isn't the first time Roger had a contract problem with the show. Something had gone down back in May 2016, so it sounds like this has become an annual thing with them. Hopefully, the May 2018 negotiations won't encounter any problems. Stay tuned.