Amber Portwood from “Teen Mom OG” has been making headlines over the past couple weeks because of her relationship with Matt Baier. The “Teen Mom OG” star is making headlines because it appears that her relationship with Matt is falling apart, causing her to question whether or not he's the man she wants to marry.

Supposedly, the wedding has been postponed and some reports even suggest that she has downright canceled the wedding. This isn't the first time that she's questioning whether or not he's the right one for her. She postponed the wedding once already because he was linked to other “Teen Mom” stars.

Even though Amber Portwood may be going through some issues in her personal life, it sounds like her professional life is doing rather well. Not only has she launched her own online boutique where she sells clothing, but she is also using her "Teen Mom OG" platform to do some good in the world.

Some of her fans are reaching out to her on social media, letting her know that she has been a huge inspiration in them building up their self-worth.

Amber Portwood paying forward her success

And just on her Twitter timeline alone, fans can read how she's receiving so many inspirational messages of support and encouragement from viewers. One person, in particular, wrote to Amber and she retweeted all of the tweets on her timeline.

In these particular tweets, you can clearly see that Amber is trying to help people understand that they are just as important as other people.

And maybe Amber is taking her own advice these days as reports are surfacing but she has canceled her wedding to Matt completely. Amber has yet to confirm this, but it sounds like Amber Portwood may become a single mother, after all, a mother who is focusing on her business and her fan base.

Will Amber Portwood continue to inspire as a single mother?

But it wouldn't be a horrible thing if Amber was a single mother to little Leah. She has worked so hard over the past couple of months to create her clothing empire. Many people reach out to her all the time on Twitter, informing her that she's a huge inspiration and that she should keep working on herself and her image.

It is no secret that Amber went to prison because she chose to serve time rather than get anger management help and go to rehab. But it sounds like she is doing everything possible to turn her life around and making the best of herself. And she doesn't need Matt to help her out with that.

Amber also knows that her image on “Teen Mom OG” is very important, so she has worked very hard to get back on track after being released from prison.

This clothing store is just one way of showing her viewers that she's changing. Maybe this is why so many people reaching out to her with messages of inspiration and support. One can imagine that it only encourages her to push even harder in getting her life back on track.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's decision to retweet these encouraging messages? Are you surprised that so many people find her inspirational? Are you surprised that she's lending a hand in making other people feel special and recognizing their self-worth?