"13 Reasons Why" is the new Netflix show that everybody has been talking about since its initial release on March 31st, 2017. Based on Jay Asher's best-selling novel, the show details the events leading up to the death of the protagonist, Hannah Baker, through thirteen tapes that she recorded in the days before she committed suicide. Each tape is recorded with a specific person in mind. Because of the show's content, naturally, it has sparked a lot of controversy, especially in schools, where bullying is a main concern. In fact, the show has even been banned from discussion at some high schools both across the country and worldwide.

However, although the series shows graphic depictions of violence, rape, and suicide, it makes an important contribution to the conversation regarding topics that are often very prevalent in teens' lives.

Tying up loose ends

As the first season of the series wrapped up, audiences still had so many questions. Fans of the show began wondering if the show was really over or if there would be a second season. There are too many loose ends at the end of the series, like what happens to Alex after he shoots himself in the head, what happens to Jessica as she begins to come to terms with her rape, what happens to the tapes, and of course, what happens in the immediate aftermath of Hannah's suicide, for it to just be finished.

Many fans of the show were anxiously waiting to hear about the show's renewal.

Second season confirmed

Although there were rumors and speculation for a while, several individuals have confirmed it, including Selena Gomez, Miles Heizer, and even Netflix themselves. It has also been confirmed that Katherine Langford will return as Hannah Baker in the second season in flashbacks.

Additionally, because the thirteen tapes have all been heard, there will be no more tapes and there will even be a new narrator stepping into Hannah's place. Jessica will deal with her rape and perhaps even seek justice against her rapist, Bryce Walker, a star athlete who also raped Hannah, and has yet to face the consequences.

Developer Bryan Yorkey has also hinted that the second season will delve into the problematic stereotypes that surround both Boys And Girls, specifically the way that boys are taught to treat girls. Common phrases like, "boys will be boys" that are used whenever a boy acts out are part of the problem and they serve as another example of how we're letting both young boys and girls down. "13 Reasons Why" is shedding light on a lot of these teen issues, and many fans are looking forward to the next installment in 2018.