Until Wednesday afternoon, Bill O'Reilly was not just the top-rated television news personality; he was also the highest paid. While the news of his ouster from the Fox News network is still too fresh to know any immediate plans O'Reilly might be making, he is unlikely to have any storage of options available to him once he returns from his European vacation in just a few short days.

O'Reilly continues to defend himself, calling allegations 'unfounded.'

O'Reilly was reportedly about to board a flight to Rome when he was informed he would no longer be working for the network he has called home for nearly 21 years.

As the news broke, he was spotted meeting Pope Francis in a V.I.P. area of the Vatican during the pontiff's weekly general audience. Unfortunately, that meeting couldn't save him from the scandal that has dogged him for the past month back in America.

Late in the day, O'Reilly issued a lengthy statement regarding his termination where he seemed to continued to blame the scandal on a "smear campaign" against him.

"It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today."

Amid allegations of Sexual Harassment during his tenure at the network, the New York Times reported earlier this month that Fox News has paid over $13 million in settlement money to at least five women in exchange for their secrecy on the matter.

Multiple conservative networks already showing interest in host

Variety has reported that a number of conservative news networks are already weighing their options when it comes to the controversial host. With almost 2 million "likes" on his official Facebook page, it's no wonder cable channels are looking to court his loyal followers to a new show from the host.

One America News Network is one network openly interested in O'Reilly telling Variety, "Clearly he’s built one heck of a brand. Clearly, there’s been accusations that need to be looked at also." The channel is currently looking to boost its reach of 35 million households across the country. Newsmax is another channel that is "very open to talking" with O’Reilly about joining its hosting roster.

However, it is known that O'Reilly was paid $20 million last year at Fox News and it is doubtful that the smaller networks can come close to matching that salary.

Before O'Reilly begins to consider his next career move, CNN's Don Lemon has a short-term suggestion for the embattled host. "I think he should do an interview with someone and not necessarily go to the favorable audience, to the safe space," he told Variety on Wednesday. The CNN pundit believes that by going on a network that doesn't necessarily share his views, O'Reilly may be in the best position to prove his own innocence regarding the sexual harassment claims.

He explained to Variety, "I think he should go to someone who’s going to be fair — maybe like me — and do an interview to answer all of the charges and to clear his name if he absolutely believes that he’s not guilty of what he’s accused of."