"Walking Dead" fans had no reason to be disappointed after the hour and a half-long season finale. Although the build up to the end of the season had been slow, the action was fast-paced as Rick and his gang raced to bring an end to the reign of terror of Negan and the Saviors. The build-up to the final episode of "The Walking Dead" began with Sasha in the casket. She is dreaming of Abraham. As they talk and kiss, Abraham tries to convince her that she must go back, that Maggie needs her.

Preparing for the final battle doesn't go as expected

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick assembles the people of Alexandria.

Joining them are the Garbage People, and they are preparing Alexandria for the arrival of Negan. Although Rick and his crew don't know it, Carol, Morgan, and the Kingdom are on their way while Maggie rallies the people of the Hilltop to also join the fight. Maggie and her crew made it to Alexandria in time for the arrival of Negan, Sasha, Eugene, and the Saviors.

Negan stunned Rick and the rest of the occupants of Alexandria by sending Eugene ahead and demanding their surrender. Betrayed by the Garbage People, Rick and Carl seem in a pretty hopeless position as Negan threatens to kill Carl and maim Rick's hand.

Is Sasha really dead?

Another beloved character of the "Walking Dead" also departed with a bang as Sasha was packed into a casket and delivered to Alexandria when Negan and the Saviors arrived.

When Negan opened the casket, though, Sasha had taken her life and become one of the Walking Dead. She attacked Negan, but she failed to kill him. Pulled off Negan by one of his men, Sasha then ate the face off the man who pulled her off. Negan escaped with Rick, The Kingdom, and his followers in hot pursuit.

That was just one of the many cliffhangers of the season finale.

Just as Negan was ready to deliver the blow to Carl, the Kingdom arrived, and Shiva, King Ezekiel's tiger, leaped on one of Negan's men. Chaos ensued, and Rick and his crew chased the Saviors out of Alexandria. The Garbage People disappeared and so did Sasha.

What's next on 'The Walking Dead' for Negan?

While Negan and the Saviors raced to get away and regroup, the people of Alexandria patrolled the city looking for Sasha and to make sure the Saviors were gone.

Jesus and Maggie found Sasha, and although it doesn't show it, they finally end her life as one of the walking dead.

Negan confronts Eugene and asks why Sasha died. Eugene coolly replies that she died from lack of oxygen. The Saviors assemble and Negan says they are going to war. Season 8 of "The Walking Dead" returns in October. For fans who can't wait that long for more, "Fear The Walking Dead" returns in June.

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