Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are just starting out their relationship as a newly engaged couple, and things seem to be going well so far. They are happy, and she is by his side while at "Dancing With the Stars." They do have one problem, though. It turns out that since Vanessa Grimaldi is from Canada, it is causing them a few issues. They have to do everything right to make sure they are legal.

Vanessa and Nick aren't getting married yet

When it comes to big wedding planning, Nick Viall shared that they won't be getting married right away. He said, "No, no.

Like Vanessa and I have said, it's too early for us right now. We're still just doing a lot of new things together." It sounds like they have plans to wait a while. The fact that she is from Canada is causing a few problems, though.

Nick shared that Vanessa is living with him, but this is also causing a few issues. He said, "But obviously we're still working through the visa stuff, so she may have to pop back to Montreal at some point. While we're in L.A., we're living together." It does sound like Vanessa could be going back to Canda any day now. That is pretty surprising to fans. They know that if Vanessa and Nick aren't together, then their relationship lasting might be a lot harder.

Another issue that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have right now is the big "Dancing With the Stars" curse.

A lot of people feel like going on this show isn't a good idea, but Nick did it anyway. Some couples have been able to stay together after the show, though. Sean and Catherine Lowe did just fine, and he went on "Dancing With the Stars" right after his season the same way that Nick Viall did it. Hopefully, Nick and Vanessa will find a way to make it all work out because they are doing great together so far.

What do you think about Vanessa Grimaldi maybe having to go back to Canada? Could this end up being what splits them up? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Nick and Vanessa on "DWTS" every Monday night where she is cheering him on from the audience.