Ever wonder what happened to the character Heath? He was last seen on the run with Tara Chambers in episode 7.06, as he escaped a small herd of walkers and never returned. Since then no one has ever talked to him, and he has seemingly disappeared with no trace.

Being that Heath is an important character in the comic books, there is still a huge possibility that he will return. In the comics, he is still alive and plays a significant role. But, the question is where did he go? Why isn’t he back yet? What’s stopping him from returning to Alexandria?

It will be interesting to find out what kind of story the show cooks up for Heath if he does indeed make a return. He has been gone for too long, and it seems like the other characters have forgotten that he exists. Perhaps they think he is dead, but no one is even attempting to look for him. That’s what happens when you don’t have loved ones around, but at least his supply-run partner, Scott, should care about him.


Obviously, either walkers or The Saviors are stopping Heath from returning to the group. My best guess is that Heath stumbled into The Saviors on his way back and is somewhere in the Sanctuary being held captive or working for Negan. Although he hasn’t been revealed yet, the show must have some twist of that sort waiting to be unleashed in season 8.

He probably is with The Saviors, and Negan might not know that he is part of Alexandria.

Actor Corey Hawkins' other show

The actor who portrays Heath, Corey Hawkins, is currently occupied by his show, “24 Legacy.” Since he is the main character of that show, he probably doesn’t have much time to star in “The Walking Dead.” However, “The Walking Dead” hasn’t killed off his character yet, holding out for a possible return for Heath.

Ultimately, sometime during season 8, the show will probably give us a resolution to Heath’s story. He is most likely still alive and may return to the group with a reduced role, depending mostly on the actor’s success with his new show.