I have a number of followers on Twitter, around 230K, and some of them are more than enviable, like the hero of this post who is one of the most persistent and goading opponents of Donald trump I have ever encountered. See if you agree. Let us begin with this morning's Trump cri de coeur.

Of course, virtually everything Trump says about Obama is pure projection, more revealing of the attacker than the one who is attacked. This is by way of introducing one of my noble followers. His name is Rob Szczerba and he has 100k more followers than I do because he entertains and is less stuffy than I am.

I would love to post some of his non-Trump tweets, but this is really about his he takes the following tweet apart in the comments that follow it. It is a work of art. Here is the provocative tweet from the president.

The president says: "No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!" I assume he means that in relation to him, the media are homicidal and that he is the victim of expectations that he never had of himself.

Social media friends and foes

It's not the media who pulverize Mr.

Trump. It is the social media folk who value things like helping others, which is one of Szczerba's concerns. He also describes himself as a proud autism dad. His MO is a tweetstorm of largely graphics-based and factual posts that rival in some cases the response the president gets.when he holds forth.

Reality, ethics, aesthetics

We are creatures who respond to signs. In the case of Trump, h is tweets are a sign, a sign of whatever happens to be emitting from the President.

Reality is always first perceived as a sign. A thought is what we make of a sign. If we are ethical we may submit that sign to some values. Out of that encounter comes action or expression. Reaction to Trump is a combination of ethical and aesthetic elements issuing in exactly what we are seeing.

A misplaced fleet

Trump's actions are confusing that the confusion seems to multiply when he is the commander in chief. The classic "failure to communicate" is ever present. It as if Stanley Kubrick was directing a real life Dr. Strangelove. "Where did you say that fleet was, sir?"

Virtual is real

If the Trump era teaches us anything it is that reality is all, everything, the whole kahuna, a mix of everything we regard as real or imagined, known or still a mystery to us. We fashion our existence from all elements and truth finally becomes what we can over time give common assent to. That is not rocket science. It's the way things are.