Aquaman has upcoming appearances in two movies, namely "Justice League" and his solo movie. Because we know that everyone is impatient to see the adventures of this handsome superhero, we bring you some of the most important highlights selected from the comic books just to give you something to think about until the movies come out.

The origin of Aquaman

When it comes to the origin story of Aquaman, there are two versions. In the first one, he is the son of a human lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and Atlanna, an exiled queen of Atlantis. Their son doesn't become aware of his mother's identity until she dies, but then he realizes where his strength, speed, and ability to breathe underwater and talk to fish actually comes from.

The other story says that he is the son of King Trevis and Atlanna. However, since the King was sterile his wife gets impregnated by a wizard named Atlan who names the child Orin. However, Orin's hair is blonde which makes Trevis suspicious. When he realizes that the child can communicate with the marine life he leaves him to die on Mercy Reef because the King was convinced that he carries the Curse of Kordax (an evil tyrant with blonde hair who could also communicate with marine life). Dolphins take care of the baby and later on Tom Curry finds him and decides to take the boy under his protection.

Most important foes and love interest(s)

Aquaman has several nemeses who want to see the end of him.

His most recognizable enemy is Black Manta. He wants to defeat Aquaman in order to take over Atlantis and rule the sea. Black Manta is so evil that he is even capable of killing Aquaman's son in order to win. That makes Aquaman super angry and desperate for revenge. Ocean Master is another notable nemesis. He is Aquaman’s human or Atlantean half-brother (depending on the comics).

He opposes Aquaman because he wants to claim the throne of Atlantis. Other enemies our hero fights are Dead King and Siren (his wife’s evil twin sister).

When it comes to love interests of the Aquaman, we can say that he is a real womanizer. His greatest love is definitely Mera (played by Amber Heard in the upcoming movie).

There are two versions of the story of Mera. Some comics say she meets Aquaman after she was exiled from her kingdom Xbel. In another version, she is trained to kill Aquaman who is the King of Atlantis because her people were banished from the underwater city. In both cases, they end up falling in love and getting married. However, handsome Aquaman is attracted to other women as well (no wonder he is played by Jason Momoa), so he gets involved with Kako with whom he has an illegitimate son and he also shows interest in Wonder Woman.