After a huge success Emma Watson had with the latest Disney remake "Beauty and the Beast,“ this beautiful and talented actress, has another potential hit Movie. Watson is starring in a film called "The Circle,“ and it is entirely different from anything she's ever done before.

Brilliant young woman brings large company back to its feet

The movie is based on Dave Eggers’ book of the same name. In the film, Emma’s character Mae is hired by the world’s largest and most influential tech and social media company called The Circle. Soon after she takes the job and brings the company back to its feet, Mae starts facing serious privacy and freedom invasions.

That is probably because, according to the trailer, Watson has a brilliant and revolutionary idea. All of her colleagues are impressed by the idea, and it has something to do with the government, which probably will not end up well.

James Ponsoldt directed this extremely promising movie, and besides Watson, we will be enjoying the performance of Tom Hanks. The movie will premiere at a film festival in Tribeca on April 26.

Emma Watson is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, again

According to the prognosis of the movie critics, Emma Watson could take the most paid Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence of her throne. Thanks to the film classic “Beauty and the Beast,” Emma will make millions of dollars.

She was paid two million pounds in advance, and according to the contract, she is entitled to a portion of the total profits of the film. Thanks to the movies great success, Watson could get an extra 15 million dollars which is what Angelina Jolie earned for the film “Maleficent.”

Young Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence was the most paid actress in the Hollywood for two years in a row.

According to the magazine Forbes, she earned 46 million dollars in 2015 and 52 million dollars in 2016. However, back in 2009, Emma Watson was on the top of the list of the most paid actresses in Hollywood with 30 million dollars profit. Now, she is about to get back on the list but with a much higher amount of money. If the upcoming movie “The Circle” ends up being as successful as everyone predicts it will be, this will be an excellent year for the young Watson.

“Beauty and the Beast” is currently the number one movie in 2017 with an over 170 million dollars of profit for the first weekend of the display, and it is anticipated it will earn much more than it was first expected. Though “The Circle” probably will not get as much attention nor profit as the Disney classic, we are sure it will help Watson become the most paid actress of the year.