"The Boss Baby" is a movie about a seven-year-old boy Tim who enjoys being an only child. He has a lot of fun and all of his parents' love and attention. Then comes the day when his parents bring a new baby home, and that makes Tim's world collapse. Tim doesn’t like the baby, and soon he realizes that he is not dealing with an ordinary infant but an unusual baby who wears suits, talks like an adult, holds meetings, etc.

Throughout the movie, Tim tries to expose the Boss Baby to their parents, but the two end up growing closer and wanting to stay together as the real family.

However, there are a couple of underlying messages in the movie and even some obscure references about current political situation in the USA.

Parents relate to the movie

The movie is based on Marla Frazee’s popular children picture book "The Boss Baby," which she wrote and illustrated. It shows concept that parents from all around the world can relate with. The new baby comes, it cries all night long, it has demanding behavior, takes over the whole house, etc. The book was inspired by Frazee’s experiences since she has three sons who were quite bossy when they were babies. The other inspiration for her was her youngest son’s frustration when they brought the new kitten home and her friends’ bad experience with a horrible boss.

However, there is a difference between the book and the movie. The main point in the book is that new baby tends to boss the parents while the main point of the movie is that new baby displaces his older brother. Regardless of the above mentioned, the fact is that when you get a baby, it will slowly take over every aspect of your and your family members’ lives!

'The Boss Baby' is about Donald Trump!

This movie is getting more attention than first expected due to its unplanned jokes related to Donald Trump. There was clearly no intention for this since the book was written seven years ago. Both Freeze and the producers were surprised because of this "synchronicity" of the character of "The Boss Baby," an overbearing dictator-like infant, with the behavior of the President of the USA.

Producers believe that this movie will bring a few fun into people's lives who have been exposed to a lot of stress and depression due to the awkward political situation in the country.