WEtv stars Mama June and Jennifer Lamb (now Thompson) have so much in common. They share "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson and pedophile ex-lovers -- and they both lied and hid relationships with convicted child molesters to stay on reality television. June Shannon lost "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" after reconnecting with Mark McDaniel when he got out of prison, and Jennifer didn't tell WEtv that her ex-husband Raymond Lamb is doing time for pedophilia. The new Mrs. Thompson didn't want to get kicked off of Mama June's weight-loss show, "From Not to Hot."

Jennifer Lamb and child molester spouse

It looks like Sugar Bear's wife is an even bigger hypocrite than she's proved to be so far.

She's giving "19 Kids and Counting " star Josh Duggar competition. The morbidly obese woman aided and abetted "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson on the road to obesity. Just to stick it to Mama June, she practically force-fed desserts to the overweight girl. Weighing in at some 400-lbs herself, Lamb fat-shamed Mike Thompson's ex and called her a "whale." Then, the new wife made fun of June Shannon's weight-loss, boob job, and other plastic surgery. Jen called June a liar, and now it comes out that she kept her marriage to a convicted child molester a secret to keep her slot on "From Not to Hot."

Sugar Bear, Jennifer Lamb lying manipulators?

Sugar Bear blasted Mama June for cheating, dating pedophile Mark McDaniel and lying about it.

But Mike Thompson admitted to cheating and LGBT hookups himself. He obviously helped his wife keep her past pedophile quiet. He mocked Shannon on obesity though his new wife is heavier still. Thompson scoffed at June's weight-loss, and even body-shaming his own daughter while joining Jennifer in encouraging Alana to overeat.

Thompson mocked Shannon's plastic surgery makeover but was happy to cash in on "From Not to Hot" fame. TLC is capitalizing on it, too, bringing back "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," which was canceled after pedophilia rumors.

Jennifer and Mike Thompson: anger, abuse, lies, denial

On the "From Not to Hot" reunion show on WEtv, Sugar Bear angrily denied Mama June's accusations that he was an absent dad, liar, cheater and beater.

He claimed to keep in contact with Honey Boo Boo, yet Alana says he rarely calls. Mike Thompson objected to child abuse allegations and then, in front of reality television and everyone, he exploded on June's teenage daughter "Pumpkin" Lauryn Shannon. He cursed June and Lauryn, calling both a "f****** b****." He punched walls, tore off his shirt and had to be held back from a fist fight with 17-year-old Pumpkin. Still, Jennifer insisted that her husband has no anger issues, and that he loves Alana and June's kids, and is not abusive to children.