The cold open on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this Easter weekend starred yet another star impersonator, as Jimmy Fallon filled in as the presidential son-in-law jared kushner. Alec Baldwin, in his role as Chief Presidential impersonator, begins the skit by reviewing his first 100 days as U.S. President and wishes to review his “long list” of accomplishments with Mike Pence (played by Beck Bennett). The “president” asks his “vice-president” to read the long list of what he has done during the first 100 days his presidency, which leads “Pence” to respond with “nominated Neil Gorsuch.”

As noted by USA Today, Baldwin’s version of Trump quickly reminds Bennett’s Pence about all the bombings he has been doing, reminding him that he just dropped the “Mother of all Bombs” on ISIS.

He said it was the biggest and fastest bomb anyone had ever seen. In fact, he said it was so big and so fat, the bomb almost looked like him in his golf clothes.

Presidential advisors’ knock-out starring Jimmy Fallon

The skit then turned to a recent conflict between two of the U.S. President’s top advisors and “Trump” then calls in Steve Bannon, and SNL cast member Mikey Day enters the oval office all dressed up to look like death personified. The “president” instantly remarks on how he has never looked younger. The next step was to call in what Baldwin’s version of Trump dubbed his “little Kush-ball,” and in comes Jimmy Fallon, all dressed up, posing and looking cool in sunglasses and a bulletproof vest.

According to a report by NBC News, Fallon’s outfit was a nod to a photo of Jared Kushner during a visit to a military base in Iraq.

‘The Apprentice’ spoof reveals the chosen advisor

In what was pretty much a spoof of Trump in his former reality show “The Apprentice,” the group then proceeds to find out their fate. Saying that “Jared” and “Steve” were his two top advisors, “Trump” said he had one photo in his hand and that it was elimination night - one of them just had to go.

On producing the photo, Fallon’s version of Kushner gets to stay, while the “president” ordered death to take “Bannon” back to hell. Baldwin’s Trump then tries to get “Kushner” to speak, with no success.

‘Trump’ tells ‘Jared Kushner’ to fix everything

Baldwin’s Trump then tells Fallon’s Kushner to “just fix everything,” telling his son-in-law’s impersonator to take a seat at his new desk. In the meanwhile, the “U.S. President” moved aside, sitting down at a child-sized desk close by where he happily plays with a toy.