Children from all around the world are still very much in love with everything that has something to do with their favorite cartoon "frozen." However, that might not be the case if the story had the ending producers planned in the beginning.

We already know that ice queen Elsa was supposed to be a villain, but what we didn’t know is that the original story was nothing as we know it now. Producer Peter Del Vecho decided to reveal the details of how and why the story changed, and how they turned it into the most successful and popular animated movie of all time.

Something we’ve all seen before

When they started with the film, Anna and Elsa were not royal nor sisters, for that matter. Anna was a pure-hearted heroine, and Elsa was a self-proclaimed evil snow queen, just like the one we have in H.C. Andersen tales. The story begins with a prophecy that “a ruler with a frozen heart will bring destruction to the kingdom, Anna” and everybody assumes that they’re talking about Elsa’s heart because it was broken by a man who stood her up at the altar. She did freeze her heart because she didn’t want to be able to love again, but that is not heart referred to by the prophecy.

Fast forward to t; Anna convinces Elsa to save the kingdom from the avalanche Prince Hans triggered to save himself from Elsa’s army, not thinking twice about the fate of Anna and the entire kingdom.

That means that “frozen heart” is actually a metaphor for Hans’s insensitive heart. In the end, Elsa’s heart is unfrozen, and she can love again.

It is not all about men

This is something we’ve seen before as the evil queen, pure-hearted heroine, prince charming and final epic battle were just way too familiar. There were not enough emotions to capture the audience and make them care about the characters, and that is why producers figured out something completely different.

They made Elsa and Anna sisters, and they were both good. The problem was, Elsa had a hard time controlling her powers. Fear of hurting the ones she loves made her do all the things she did, so it was not because of a man who broke her heart and made her evil woman who just cannot let it go. This means that Elsa was actually right but just had some issues like every normal human being does.

The great thing about this version is that men are not that relevant to the story. Yes, we did enjoy seeing Anna falling in love, and two men fighting for her heart, but the love between a man and a woman does not save the day in the end. It is the sister love that is emphasized with this movie and the fact that their love is able to overpower fear!