A hacker by the name of thedarkoverlord, uploaded to Pirate Bay the alleged first ten episodes of season 5 of the television series, "Orange Is The New Black." This was carried out following Netflix's alleged failure to respond to the cybercriminal's demands.

Hacker debuts season 5 on torrent site

On Saturday, April 29, before 6AM eastern time, the first ten episodes of "Orange is the New Black" season 5 were shared on Pirate Bay. The upload consists of 10 files with a total of 11.46 gigabytes. Netflix scheduled the release of the series' season 5 on June 9.

Now that a massive amount of episodes have been leaked, it is most likely that the streamer will move the premiere date of the upcoming season, given that it is indeed the series' fifth season.

Other claims

Apart from this, the hacker or group of hackers claimed to also have in their possession several unreleased shows from ABC, Fox, National Geographic, and IFC. According to some reports, the content could have been obtained from the attack in 2016 from Larson Studios, which is a post-production studio. One report cited that the hacker said in an online post that they were able to get the first 10 of the 13 episodes of the television series' season 5 by launching a cyber attack before the last three episodes were available.

Netflix, in a statement released on April 28, acknowledged the situation. According to the streamer, a production vendor also used by other major television studios had its security jeopardized. It added that there are law enforcement authorities already involved to handle the issue.

Meanwhile, the hacker or the hackers also claimed to have demanded money from the streaming company.

More than the money, the motive behind leaking the series could possibly be more about bragging rights in the underworld of cybercrime.

Hacker's message

Earlier today, thedarkoverlord posted a message in an arrogant tone. The hacker informed Netflix that they are going to lose more money as compared to their offer. The hacker also said that he is ashamed to be breathing the same air as the company.

Aside from the streaming company, the hacker also threatened other networks whom they have stolen TV shows from. The hacker noted that there is still time for them to redeem themselves while their offer is still on the table.

"Orange is the New Black" is one of the streaming company's most watched original television series. The show is slated for a season 5, season 6, and season 7 run.