Hey, "Designated Survivor" peeps. We've got some new, very intense preview scenes for you guys for the upcoming episode 18 of season 1 in the form of a preview clip (below). ABC was kind enough to release it after this past Wednesday night's episode. It does not disappoint as it gives us new scenes that show Abe, finding out some startling news about the White House! Hanna is spotted in , what appears to be, some very serious danger at one point. It appears that Jason and Abe are really going to go at each other with some fight moves, and more!

This episode has been given the name: "Lazarus."

Covering up the truth

The clip's first scene, gives us new looks at Abe in action on a phone call with a person that tells him that the White House is covering up the truth about the capitol bombing, so that sounds like pretty serious business to me. The next scene, gives us a new look at the beautiful Hanna in action. She's spotted, telling Jason that they're looking into whatever it is when he tries to tell her that they have a source at the White House.

Something really bad

At one point, we get a scene that features Seth in action, saying that something real, real bad has taken place. After that, we get a flurry of different scenes that features Kirkman in action.

Hanna is in a situation that causes her to have a really panicked look on her face! There's also another one with her, chatting with someone that tells her, the culprit has been hiding in plain site the whole time! Then to cap off the clip, we catch a really, brief glimpse of Abe and Jason, engaging in a very violent fight scene!

That's followed up with another very short look at Abe, meeting up with someone in private. And finally, they give us another look at Kirkman, saying: "Oh my god," to wrap everything up. The narration of the clip, reveals that the "President is betrayed by one of his own. The traitor will finally be revealed." So, again. Another very serious revelation will be going down in this one.

Be sure to check out the new clip, below.

Official teasers

As previously reported, we did get an official description for this episode. It let us know that we'll be seeing Kirkman, trying to decide who to select to be his vice president. Kimble is going to get majorly caught up in some huge scandal at some point. Jason and Hanna are going to reveal that they have a very significant, new lead after finally getting back from their North Dakota road trip. And all those scenes that we saw of Abe in action, apparently reveal the unexpected turn that the synopsis described, so definitely look for a twist to develop with his plotline. As mentioned before, we can tell you that episode 18 is still set to show up on Wednesday night, April 26th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC.