Uh-oh, did Mama June Shannon screw up her gastric sleeve? The season finale of "From Not to Hot" shows the reality TV star going to ER in great pain. Could it have anything to do with her diet fails? After transformation with gastric bypass, weight-loss and plastic surgery, Shannon says she's done dieting. The preview shows June ditching not only her old plus-size clothes but also calorie counting! In an interview with People, Honey Boo Boo's famous mom freely indulges in goodies galore. Shannon does realize that slimming down isn't just about taking weight off but keeping it off, right?

Mama June proudly boasts that she's not giving up junk food

Evidently June Shannon has no clue about dieting if the description of her menu in People is anything to go by. The "Honey Boo Boo" household was set with a full breakfast buffet of no-no foods of which June liberally partook. After her muffins and hashbrowns carb feast, lunch was loads more verboten goodies -- BBQ, cornbread and all the southern treats. These kinds of foods are the biggest problem for patients on TLC's "My 600-lb Life" to stop eating. Was this just a one-off for the reality television diva? Not likely if that's the way she eats with a house full of paparazzi. If Shannon habitually overeats, it won't be long until her boasted size 4 on "From Not to Hot" is size 4X again.

Mama June doesn't get that diet is forever

Sure everyone who has lost weight breaks the diet occasionally. But Shannon says she'll keep eating junk food. Does the "From Not to Hot" star think that bariatric surgery and skin removal surgery mean no more calorie-counting? The reality TV star had gastric bypass surgery. So not only should she not pig out, she really can't without risk of damage to her body.

As for her skin removal plastic surgery, she had that while she was still a little too big, said the doctor. The breast implant procedure was no problem but the tummy tuck should happen when pretty much all the weight is gone. June was still at the upper edge at 199 and she even fudged that number. Looks like Honey Boo Boo isn't the only one who struggles with self-control.

Mama June's mysterious gastrointestinal episode

Shows are filmed months earlier, so this mystery illness has been long since resolved and may have had nothing to do with obesity, gastric bypass or overeating. But the People interview occured very recently, and June was not eating like a person in a maintenance diet phase. Further, on every "From Not to Hot" episode, June cheats. The reality television star is shown chewing out "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson's wife Jennifer Lamb for giving Honey Boo Boo sweets. Then she sneaks the cake Jen sent home. So viewers are asking: How long before Shannon finds her 300-lb weight-loss, or worse, does some serious damage to herself?