Actor Mark Consuelos has been cast in an upcoming role for the CW show "Riverdale." He is set to play the role of Hiram Lodge, who up until this point, has not appeared in the series. Hirman Lodge is the father of the main character, Veronica Lodge. Hiram has not yet been seen on the show because the character has been in jail for the entire first season of the CW drama. Consuelos' character is set to premiere during the show's second season, which is set to air next spring. It has been reported that this character will become a series regular.

Mark Consuelos has previously been seen on shows such as "All My Children" and "Alpha House," and is also married to "Live with Kelly" host, Kelly Ripa. But although Consuelos has been cast as Hiram Lodge, there is another show that may hold him back from going to "Riverdale."

Mark Consuelos' other show

This past year, Mark Consuelos was under contract at FOX as a series regular on the freshman drama "Pitch." "Pitch" premiered on FOX in the fall and aired its first season, consisting of 10 episodes. Consuelos played the role of Oscar Arguella, the general manager of the Padres baseball team. "Pitch" is currently under consideration for a second season, but has not yet been renewed or canceled.

This is an issue for "Riverdale" and Consuelos.

The shooting schedule for both shows interfere with one another. Consuelos can only take the role on "Riverdale" if "Pitch" is cancelled. If "Pitch" is renewed for a second season, Consuelos is contractually obligated to return as Oscar Arguella on the show. It's unknown at this time whether "Pitch" will be picked up for a second season, but inside sources say it has a 50/50 chance.

What is 'Pitch'?

The show "Pitch" is an hour-long drama that follows the life of Ginny Baker, the first-ever female pitcher for a major league baseball team. Ginny Baker is drafted by the San Diego Padres, and struggles to deal with her newfound fame. The young baseball player quickly realizes that the world now looks to her as a role model, and must adjust to her role model status while also making her way into the world of major league baseball. The show stars Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker. The show also starts Ali Larter as Ginny's publicist, Amelia Slater, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as famed baseball player Mike Lawson.