Maddie Ziegler is known for her incredible dance talent in “Dance Moms” that landed her to star the music video of Sia’s “Chandelier.” Now that she’s making a name of her own, the 14-year-old star is thankful that she has moved on from the reality dance television series.

Although she has a lot to be thankful for, on the said show, Ziegler revealed that she wants to save herself from all the drama the program has. In a tell-all interview with the Australian television program “The Project” on Friday, she revealed her sentiments about the reality series.

‘Dance Moms’ drama

For Ziegler, being in “Dance Moms” gave her an intense experience as it had to have drama involved. The show’s producers have created a fuss in the show as that was what a reality series needed and she found it crazy. And although the actress loved the time she had on the show, she is really happy to be out of it. “I am glad to move on, so I don't have to be stressed and deal with the drama. It was really intense,” she said.

A working relationship with Sia

Moreover, Ziegler also talked about her surprising casting on the music video of “Chandelier.” The young model didn’t expect that she would be the main role of the clip as she thought that she would just be dancing in the background.

The Book of Henry” star narrated that she wasn’t expecting anything when she was walking into the studio to do the music video. She first thought that she would be with the 41-year-old hitmaker along with a group of other dancers. But to her surprise, she was the main star of the clip.

Not only that, this was just the start of her working relationship with Sia.

In fact, she had appeared in several of her music videos from 2014 to 2016; including “Elastic Heart” and “Cheap Thrills.” She even had the chance to tour with the Australian singer in North America in the latter part of 2016.

With her incredible talent, Ziegler was also featured as a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.” She, too, is set to release her memoir this year titled “The Maddie Diaries.”

An awkward situation with mom

Meanwhile, just like every teenager, Ziegler also had her awkward situations with her mom.

In a different interview with “The Harry Show,” she recalled the time when she took her mother Melissa Gisoni to the Teen Choice Awards where they saw Zac Efron on the stage.

It seemed like the matriarch can’t control herself when she saw the “Baywatch” actor as she screamed “take your shirt off” when he was standing in front of the crowd. The shy Ziegler just wanted to be eaten by the chair and pretend she doesn’t know her mom as all of her friends surrounded them. “She was like, 'I couldn't control it! It just came out.’”