Beyonce was scheduled to perform at Coachella this year. However, due to her pregnancy, Lady Gaga filled in that slot. The performance of the singer-songwriter during the event did not disappoint. She lived up to that giant space supposedly allotted to Queen B.


On April 15, the “Bad Romance” singer's performance was lively, fun, and amped up. Hers was the total performance of an iconic veteran.

According to the “Edge of Glory” singer, people asked her if she felt nervous about performing at the headliner spot and her explanation revealed that it has nothing to do with Beyonce but her anticipation for the gig.

Further, she shared that she is excited playing for the big cheeses at Coachella.

Lady Gaga sang “Telephone,” a collaboration with Beyonce, which included Queen B’s lines. There were no surprise guests during her performance either. Her 20-song set and stage presence was enough to please the crowd.

Latest single

The singer-songwriter surprised everyone when she dropped her latest single in one of her performances. “The Cure” is a synth-pop dancehall-inspired track. Previously, the singer released her fifth LP "Joanne." Currently, it is still not clear if “The Cure” is for a "Joanne" reissue or single to a new follow-up album.

The only thing that was clear was that the singer told the audience that she was back in the studio.

After her performance, “The Cure” studio version became available on various streaming services alongside the latest single’s cover art. On Twitter, fans shared their excitement.

Coachella list

Among the tracks included in the singer-songwriter’s list include “Scheiße,” “Love game,” “John Wayne,” and “Just dance.” She also performed the LGBT-themed “Born This Way.” Apart from those, the pop star also sang “Venus,” “A-Yo,” “Sexxx Dreams,” and “Telephone.”

She also sang the controversial song “Alejandro,” along with “Teeth,” “Edge of Glory,” “Speechless” and “You & I, “Million Reasons,” “Applause,” “Poker Face,” and “Bad Romance.”

Lady Gaga is set to perform at Coachella next weekend.