Lately, there has been a ton of speculation over whether Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up again. All signs point to yes as internet sleuths kept their eye on Kylie and Tyga's social media accounts to see if either of them were dropping any clues. The biggest clue that Kylie and Tyga have gone separate ways centered on Snapchat, where Kylie is notorious for posting a lot of Tyga pictures and videos. After weeks of social media silence, it turns out that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are on a break (whatever that means) but that they probably will come back together very soon.

Not the first time Kylie Jenner and Tyga have taken a break

Kylie and Tyga were rumored to have started dating back when she was only 17-years old despite several claims that they were just friends. After Kylie turned 18, they went public with the relationship only to split up around Tyga's birthday in November 2015. The normally inseparable couple split up and got back together numerous times last year, taking small breaks and then reconciling as if nothing ever happened.

This latest break seems a bit different. For starters, Kylie Jenner has made no mention of Tyga on social media since the beginning of March. On top of that, she forced the "Rack City" rapper to move out of her huge mansion and into his own Hollywood Hills bachelor pad.

Tyga moved into his own house after latest split

In the few weeks that Tyga has been living in his own house, there have been reports that he has invited over several people and even thrown a few parties. One person has been very obviously absent from anything going on at Tyga's house and that is Kylie Jenner.

Instead, the latest reports reveal that lately, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been leading separate lives.

While this is typical for the on-again, off again couple when they take a break, it certainly opens up an opportunity for other relationships, which could mean no chance for reconciliation this time.

Considering that this is Kylie Jenner's first real relationship, it might be hard for her to walk away from Tyga altogether. Keep in mind that she is only 19-years old, Apparently, Kylie's biggest issue with Tyga is that she doesn't trust him and after a few issues the pair have dealt with in the past, that's pretty understandable.

Whether Kylie Jenner and Tyga work out their issues and come back together this time around is still undetermined but according to reports, those close to the couple believe that this break is just as temporary as all the rest and soon, they will be back on social media, sharing their relationship with the world as if nothing ever happened.