Hail Kim Kardashian, full of gall, the faithful aren't with thee on this one. What's the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star up to now? The reality television diva pretty much offended all of Christendom posing herself on a Virgin Mary candle. Then, after igniting a holy war, she poured gas on the flames, donning a sexy Madonna (the Mother of Jesus, not the singer) dress. Our lady of audaciousness took it an outrage farther, juxtaposing her candle with pot paraphernalia on her Kimoji website.

Kim Kardashian mocks the Mother of God

On Kimoji, the reality TV star revamped a tall votive candle (the kind you see in grocery stores) to feature herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It's not clear which apparition Kim was going for, kind of a mashup of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She's shown with hands around her generous bosom in the same way Mary exposes her seven sorrows. The suggestion is clear -- Kim offers her breasts as Mary offers her heart. The coup de grace is that Kim's are boob job by plastic surgery.

Kimoji burns one in Virgin Mary candle

Actually, Kim exposing her cleavage as the Immaculate Heart wasn't the tackiest part. It was placing the candle among her head shop of gag gifts. The Virgin Kim candle is sold alongside an "A$$ tray" featuring her famous butt lift (silicone butt implants). There are also pot papers, weed T-shirts and marijuana merchandise.

Some people would say the candles themselves are tacky but to a Catholic, they are blessed. Did the mom of two really mean that the votive candle should be used to light a joint? This could be why so many call them the "Kar-trashian" family.

Kardashian-West enshrines herself


Kardashian-West and her husband Kanye West are pretty infatuated with themselves. The idea that the "KUWTK" star would burn candles in her own honor doesn't surprise. Her Instagram wall is pretty much a self-worshipping grotto. She's enamoured with her heavenly body (thank you, tummy tuck, Botox, breast implant, etc.). She also believes in her own miraculous powers of weight-loss.

If it was just narcissism, folks could avert embarrassed eyes and move on. But posing herself as the Mother of God mocks God, said religious and non-believers alike.

Kim Kardashian unites great schism

The Judeo-Christian world doesn't see eye-to-eye on many things. It tends to be more an eye for an eye. But in persecution and mockery, they come together over their greater and lesser schisms. Catholics and Orthodox Christians have a devotion to the Blessed Mother (Theotokos). Islam reveres her, Protestant sects not so much, and Jews not at all. But pretty much everyone thought Kardashian's jibe at Mary was low. But Kim didn't care. She flipped everyone the metaphorical bird by wearing a gem-encrusted Virgin Mary iron-on (over her boobs) on a skin-tight, see-through dress.