katherine heigl is out for blood in the recent teaser trailer of “Unforgettable.” She and Rosario Dawson are playing vampires in this upcoming film. The new trailer was out Sunday, in which the 38-year-old actress looks thirsty for blood. She wants to quench her thirst and starts looking for prey. The actress says that in “Unforgettable,” she has played Rosario’s girlfriend. Both of them love drinking human blood. They wander through the streets late night and continue looking for prey.

Katherine’s role in the movie

Heigl is starred as a woman who is unable to cope with the troubles of life.

During her struggling days, she observes that fiancee (Rosario Dawson) is spending his nights out of the house. One night, she follows him and finds that he’s sucking a man for blood. Eventually, she tastes the human blood and becomes an addict. The two step out of the house every night and look for preys. They become violent when there’s no prey around. Katherine says that it was not easy to play a vampire. From her costumes to makeup, she used to discuss everything with Dawson on a cup of tea. The actress is already famous for her performance in “Knocked Up,” “27 Dresses,” “Life As We Know It,” and “New Year's Eve.” We’ve high expectations with this project.

‘Unforgettable’ – an American thriller

Unforgettable” is a highly anticipated film directed by Denise Di Novi and scripted by Christina Hodson. David Leslie Johnson has written the movie dialogues, and the supporting roles are played by Geoff Stults, Cheryl Ladd, Isabella Rice while Rosario and Katherine are in the lead roles.

“Unforgettable” is the directorial debut by Denise who is also co-producer of the project. The movie will hit global cinemas on April 21, 2017. Warner Bros. has acquired the US distribution rights and tickets are being sold online.

In August 2016, it was announced that Christina Hodson is playing the lead role but the lady could not give proper dates.

So, the filmmaker hired Katherine for the role of Tessa Connover. The actress says that this movie highlights some evil truths of our society. Besides being a vampire film, “Unforgettable” is about a widow who is forced to live in a tiny house with her two little kids. Ravi D. Mehta and Emanuel Michael have fully financed the project, and the team of cinematographers includes Caleb Deschanel, Frederic Thoraval and Nelson Coates. Katherine is being talked about these days as her portrayal of Tessa looks great in the new trailer.