20th Century Fox has recently released new posters and promos for “Alien: Covenant.” Both Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup look scary in the footage. Waterston plays Daniel in this movie, while Crudup portrays Oram.

No doubt, “Alien: Covenant” will open doors of endless work opportunities for Ridley Scott. He is already famous for the groundbreaking “Alien” franchise and won dozens of awards. He regularly uploads new “Alien: Covenant” posters on the official Twitter account to create excitement among fans.

The teaser trailer released last night gives glimpses of the characters of Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, and Carmen Ejogo.

It looks like they are bound on a remote galaxy and trying to discover the paradise. But the world they live in is completely dark. Here they come across various dangers and attempt a harrowing escape.

Waterston in the movie

Alien: Covenant” also has Benjamin Rigby, James Franco, and Alexander England in the supporting roles. Katherine Waterston is being talked about for her role. The new batch of stills gives the first official look at how Katherine reacts to the neomorphs. She tries to escape but is all surrounded by the strange creatures. We can easily assume that this movie will take Katherine’s career to the next level. Upon the success of “Alien: Covenant,” the actress is likely to receive more offers from Hollywood.

The filmmaker has introduced a whole new group of beasts in this movie, which are cousins of the already-existing aliens. AVP Galaxy also shared some stills from the film last night. An image reveals a mysterious location that is home to aliens. As Katherine and Crudup are playing the leads, they’re to save themselves as well as their friends from the enemies.

The date of ‘Alien: Covenant’

After months of speculations that swirl around the release of “Alien: Covenant,” the final word is that this movie will hit the theaters on May 12. The project is scripted by John Logan and Dante Harper, who previously wrote the dialogues and story of “Prometheus.”

The filmmaker Ridley says that he will continue his collaboration with John and Dante on the future projects.

As of February 2017, Fox has acquired the US distribution rights. An official logo and synopsis were released in the first week of April. Effects houses CreatureNFX and Odd Studios have provided the animatronic creature effects, while Animal Logic is behind the digital visual effects of the movie.