Last night was Jon Gosselin's Big Birthday, and he was supposed to be making his stripping debut. Jon had been sharing all over his social networks and wanted the fans to come out. There had also been a lot of talk that Gosselin was working really hard on preparing for the event. TMZ is now sharing that it wasn't what anyone expected at all, though. Jon didn't take off near the clothes they expected.

Jon Gosselin didn't strip like promised

Last night, Jon Gosselin took the stage in Atlantic City. He had several outfits including Secret Service agent, firefighter, and even a hula dancer.

There had been rumors that Jon wouldn't take it all off, but it turns out Jon didn't take anything off really. He came out in various costumes but didn't even take his shirt off at all. Jon did have on a grass skirt at one time, but that was the most of his body that he showed off. Fans were expecting Jon Gosselin to strip a few of his clothes off, but he never did it. This probably caused a bit of disappointment for fans.

It also sounds like Jon Gosselin's dance moves didn't seem like a guy who had been practicing for weeks. All that Jon really did was walk and then do a bit of squeezing his fake fire hose then walk some more. Jon was able to get a few dollar bills in his belt, but probably because of who he was considering that he wasn't really stripping.

It doesn't seem like Jon Gosselin will be moving on to a career as a stripper. He didn't really strip and just had a good time walking the stage. This was just supposed to be a one-time show anyway. So far, his ex-wife Kate Gosselin and his kids are staying quiet on what they think about Jon doing an event like this for his big birthday.

Jon and Kate don't even speak to each other at all anymore. They have both moved on and don't even talk about the kids they share with each other if they can help it.

Are you shocked to hear that Jon Gosselin didn't take off more of his clothes? Do you think that Jon lied to his fans about what to expect? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.