If you want to fly somewhere and stay in a hotel there is no such thing as Frugal travel. That is the conclusion one gets from looking at a comparison of three big travel sites and a handful of airlines and hotels. The only goal of travel as presently organized and operated is to create more debt, inconvenience more people and delay the introduction of a rational economy.

Growth is for people, not economies

The New York Times accepts the present economy as being OK but it isn't. It is based on expansion which does not work as a goal unless you want to explode from growth sickness.

Look at this article and ask who can afford what they call frugal. Cybercommunities eliminate the three main drivers of debt, separate homes, cars and today's felonious education system.

Bill O'Reilly on the block

Bill O'Reilly used to offend liberals. Then FOX became so offensive that O'Reilly seemed a bit like an old shoe. He didn't have the vitriolic impunity of a Sean Hannity or -- I can't go on.

Bill O'Reilly is now being hoisted on the same petard where Roger Ailes, his former boss, now hangs. A petard derives from a small bomb and suggests a sharp report. The bomb, in this case, is the simple fact that there is a line between amiability and an advance that is explicit and implies intimacy.

Unpacking the petard

The report is the fact that just as priests have been hoisted on the petard of their flagrant abuses, in some cases bankrupting their churches, now media figures are targeted.

It is a war. But right always wins in the end and the thought that you can have your way with others based on your power within a social setting is one that needs to be crossed out. The thought should be that all abuse is wrong, that rape is a serious crime and the world is moving toward some sanity on this matter.

Trump is about as populist as a diamond brooch

Tens of millions mean you have more money than you need. You can get by on very little. But we build the world in obeisance to the big and powerful and vote for it because we figure they are not loose cannons. If they have so much why would they throw it all away?

The answer is they gamble. They are gambling that they can ace climate change. They are gambling they can build high rise condos forever and squeeze the proles for rents in the bargain. They ae gambling they can privatize at will and push the limits of the people.

They see that Jon Ossoff did not win and figure they can keep Newt Gingrich's old seat after all. trump looks like he is settling in today. The problem is that the people ultimately rule, People are fickle.