Spoiler alert for those who have not yet watched the Season 7 finale of “The Walking Dead” – as we do give a little away here.

It turns out Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha in the popular zombie series, is set to play a lead role in the upcoming CBS All Access sci-fi series “Star Trek: Discovery.” Reportedly Sonequa will be in charge of the spaceship in that series. Apparently Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick in TWD, would love to work alongside Martin-Green again, especially after her character sacrificed herself for her group in such an awesome way in the season finale.

‘Rick Grimes’ wanting to cameo as an alien?

According to a report by Variety, Lincoln told them Sonequa has an “incredible personality” and gave a performance of incredible grace, strength and tenacity in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” He says she is sure to lead her starship using the same type of fortitude and class. He added that is going to be one happy spaceship, with First Officer Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa) on the cast. He added that he would give anything to beam himself up at some point into the show, adorned with “Greg Nicotero special effects makeup.” When Lincoln was asked if he really wouldn’t mind looking like some kind of alien, he laughed and said, “No spoilers.”

Fans were shocked – but also pretty impressed – that Sonequa’s character, Sasha, preferred to take her own life by swallowing the poison pill than do Negan’s bidding against her group.

She was sort of hoping that her zombified self would take a chunk out of the Savior’s leader’s face when she emerged.

That ‘Jadis’ moment in ‘The Walking Dead’ season finale

The subject of that awkward moment with the Scavenger leader, Jadis, also came up in the interview. In the season finale, Jadis asked Michonne if she could lie with Rick for a night after the battle is over.

Lincoln’s character, Rick Grimes, had such a funny expression on his face and made a really strange gurgling noise at the time, which didn’t go unnoticed by TWD fans. Lincoln said he wasn’t actually supposed to make that sound, but just couldn’t help himself. He said it was a funny and silly moment, that they went over the scene several times and it got funnier each time.

He said the way Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis handled it was brilliant.

A new adventure for Sonequa in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

The Hollywood Reporter took the opportunity to speak to Sonequa about her dramatic exit from “The Walking Dead.” She told them her character’s exit from TWD was perfectly scripted and she said she was impressed at how producers handle the situation when characters are set to leave the show. While she is sad to be leaving the show, Martin-Green is looking forward to her brand-new role in “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Sonequa said she didn’t have much time to mourn her role as Sasha following the finale, as work on both shows was pretty much back-to-back, but she did have time to mourn her character before they actually shot the season finale.

She added that it was a long goodbye for her, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lincoln is also impressed with how the exit of fan favorites is handled on the show. He said the production team ensured Sasha's final scenes were the last thing we saw in the season finale, adding that they did it right. Lincoln did say she will be missed terribly by other cast members as she brings a lot of “lightness and joy” to every season, adding that just watching Sonequa work is amazing.