Elton John cancelled a multitude of Upcoming shows on his tour, due to a rare and potentially deathly bacterial infection. He is currently at home recouping after a lengthy stay in the Intensive Care Unit and hospital. Statements from his representative and reports confirm that the artist fell ill traveling home from a segment of his tour.

Infection and Hospitalization

Earlier this month after a performance in Santiago, Chile and a lengthy, draining flight home to London, Elton had begun to feel ill.

According to his representative, on the flight home, Elton had begun to express symptoms and fatigue unlike anything normal.

Making sure to jot down the symptoms and severity of the rare bacterial infection, as soon as Elton and his staff landed in London, Elton was taken to the hospital. Two nights in the ICU, and 12 nights under hospital surveillance, took a physical, mental, and emotional toll on the artist as he fought for his life.

Luckily, the prodigious singer is now at his home resting, and recouping from the illness. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Elton has fought off a severe illness. In December 2016, the artist had fell extremely ill with a case of the flu, and was hospitalized for that as well.

Cancellation of Upcoming Shows

Due to the severity of the illness, and the extreme toll this has taken on Elton John and his loved ones, Elton has canceled all of his upcoming Performances in Las Vegas and all other performances or appearances up until May.

The artist's representative told reporters that Elton will not be touring until his show on June 3rd in England, if recovery goes well and stays on track. It is a long road to recovery, but a recovery will be in the foreseeable future.

Sincere and incredibly apologetic, Elton reached out to his fans to say sorry for the cancellation of the shows.

But to his surprise, he woke up this morning to thousands of messages from his fans full of love, well wishes and positivity for the legend to have a full and speedy recovery. As part of Elton's official statement regarding the issue, he expressed gratefulness to the medical staff, his loved ones, and all of his fans for the support and care, all the while apologizing again for the cancellation of the shows.

The legendary artist is no spring chicken; at 70 years of age, he continuously works hard and keeps moving the world with his work. His sincerity and appreciation of his fans and his loved ones can be seen with the way he dealt with the situation. Elton's heart will always be with his fans, music, work, and loved ones.